Warranty Service Site, For your peace of mind


Premium Service: 5 days turnaround

Online Repair order:

Online repair orders can be created for your registered units. We will provide a courier service to pick up your unit. We can also arrange packaging if needed

5 working day turnaround repair service:

We aim to collect the unit within one day of the repair order being issued (plus one more day if packaging is required). We aim to have the unit returned to you within five working days from the collection date.

Online Tracking:

You can track the repair status in your account website options

Loan unit:

For in warranty repairs, If the repair is not able to be completed by the expected date, we offer a free loan unit. This loan unit will be released to you until the repair of your own unit is completed and returned to you. (Subject to availability)

Call Centre:

A dedicated native speakers call center, located in Panasonic European CS Repair Center, will solve your doubts.