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Your end-to-end, transport and mobility platform

Your end-to-end, transport and mobility platform

Are you spending increasing time and effort manually planning routes every day?

Are you using more than one software tool for your fleet management? Is your business growing? And do you face ever-greater demands on your resources?

When delivery and pickup volumes are expanding but costs are being squeezed, fleet organisers need to decrease the hours spent dispatching and keeping track of multiple fleets, while making sure company vehicles are being utilised properly, and customer service is second to none.

But how?

By investing in route planning and mobile dispatch software for your TOUGHBOOK devices that helps to automate complex processes and make operations more efficient.

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Introducing openFleet by Loqus

Your end-to-end transport and mobility platform for route optimisation, vehicle monitoring, mobile workflow, and telematics.

Real-time monitoring

Two-way communication


Actionable insights


24/7 customer support


Simplify, optimise and customise the daily running of your logistics business

Maximise resources

Reduce operational costs

Increase fleet efficiency and productivity

Improve safety


Boost customer service and satisfaction


Better adapt to business change and growth


Grow revenue


Make your drivers’ commute more enjoyable


openFleet’s cloud-hosted and tailored solution is compatible with all TOUGHBOOK devices and requires no expensive installation.

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A feature rich platform

Plan and optimise your end-to-end journey, track and deliver your products and services, utilise your best available resources, improve the customer experience.

Tactical planning openFleet

Strategic and tactical plan view

A better-prepared supply chain

Based on historic data and forecast volumes, simulate and generate dynamic route templates according to seasonal – even daily – fluctuations, new products, required vehicle fleet, depot locations, and more.

Optimise resources and reduce required route numbers, create personalised parameters and constraints, and carry out ‘what if?’ scenarios.

Route plan​

Automated route optimisation and responsive scheduling

Organise your last-mile journey, and predict potential revenue and accurate ETAs, taking into consideration several parameters and constraints, including workforce and vehicle profiles (weight/volume, break times, employee skills, locations, real-time traffic reports, and more).

Routing openFleet
Dispatch openFleet

Live dispatch​

Real-time monitoring of assets

Access vital information generated by your resources during the operational day. Enhance last mile operations by cancelling or assigning new jobs to resources already on the road, get full visibility of customer communication, review customer engagement and fleet performance, and promote two-way communication between back-office and frontline workers.

Mobile app

Creating on-the-go TOUGHBOOK multitools

Dynamic and customisable workflows for your ‘on road’ and ‘inside four walls’ operations, easily viewable on your TOUGHBOOK devices. Dispatch routes to your entire workforce and capture all the necessary job information such as POD, failure reasons, signature, picture, payment and much more, thanks to PIN pad, printer, and barcode and RFID scanner integration.

Mobile openFleet
Customer app and job tracking

Customer app and job tracking

Increase engagement and satisfaction

Set up customer expectation messages, and automatically provide all the order information they need – from ETA and live status updates to consignment history and Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD). Customise customers’ PDFs/emails, SMS templates or job tracking pages with your brand design.

Reporting and analytics

For better business – and bottom line – decisions

Improve fleet capabilities by generating reports and historical data. openFleet’s interface allows you to export .CSV files or push data to your systems seamlessly.

Analytics openFleet
Avi openFleet


openFleet’s standard API integration gives you the perfect solution to send and push any update and data capture to third-party systems or TOUGHBOOK hardware – securely.

En route to success


openFleet and TOUGHBOOK in action

Businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors, all around the world, are using [SD1] openFleet on their TOUGHBOOK devices to deliver the goods.

Waste management

Waste management

Improve routes based on high and low density. openFleet’s platform incorporates all the industry requirements such as avoiding U-turns, one-side collection, one-way streets, and more.

Maintenance and technicians

Maintenance and technicians

Manage high cancellation and reschedule rates on the same day. openFleet’s platform allows you to be as flexible as your industry demands.

Postal and courier

Postal and courier

openFleet’s cutting-edge mathematical and AI algorithms can easily create the perfect route template across your entire network based on volume and business operational rules.



Each of your range of products, services and locations are different and need to be optimised accordingly. Achieve on-demand, same-day and door-to-door delivery success.

Field services

Field services

Save time and serve more clients with a dynamic scheduling process. Your workforce will have access to all stop information in real-time, including progress, comments, orders to be placed, last visit history, and next-visit schedule.

Blue lights and pharma

Blue lights and pharma

In emergencies, every minute counts. Achieve on-time service and assign medical demand (delivery or treatment) to the correct skills resources. Monitor and revise routes in real-time, and manage your medical service whilst your driver is on duty. Give customers and patients true peace of mind with a trackable service.

Transport and logistics​

Transport and logistics​

Meet high customer expectations and enable on-time drop-offs and pickups, all while reducing costs.

Specialised transport​

Specialised transport​

From liquid fuel distribution and controlled temperature goods, to pet transport and beyond, improve your offering by better planning your distribution to industrial and private customers.



Reduce fleet costs and increase delivery efficiency by encouraging your clients to choose a delivery slot similar to other orders in the area, thanks to openFleet’s dynamic and automated booking engine.

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