• Panasonic VariCam Lineup


Versatile VariCam line-up of professional digital video cameras featuring stunning image reproduction and fully capable of High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the ideal solution for your cinema, television, documentary and live event production.

The flagship VariCam 35, Super-35mm 4K camera and the VariCam HS, high speed 2/3 type camera are featuring an innovative modular design, where the camera head can be separated from the recording module, enabling users to switch between super 35 and 2/3 type heads to best suit the shoot.

The lightweight and compact VariCam LT offers a unibody design with 35mm single-chip MOS sensor, two native ISO settings of 800 and 5000, wide dynamic range and two dedicated analog circuits for much higher sensitivity without increased noise.

The VariCam Pure is the latest addition to the VariCam family, a new cinema ready version of the VariCam 35 featuring a jointly developed CodexV-RAW 2.0 recorder capable of uncompressed 4K RAW acquisition at 120 fps.