VariCam Video Academy

The VariCam range of professional digital video cameras are built to provide stunning image reproduction and High Dynamic Range (HDR). They're the ideal solution for cinema, television, documentary or live event production.

The line-up includes the flagship VariCam 35, a Super-35mm 4K camera, the VariCam HS with its innovative modular design, the lightweight and compact VariCam LT, and the latest addition to the VariCam family, the VariCam pure, a new cinema ready version of the VariCam 35.

VariCam Master classes are hosted in collaboration with cinematographers associations (IMAGO, FSF, BSC) and industry-best creative professionals including well-known DoPs, DTs and colourists.

Check out a selection of videos below, showcasing what the VariCam range can do for you.

Master Class: HDR & Colour Management on VariCam | FSF 2017


VariCam Master Class for FSF cinamatographers hosted by Dado Valentic, Colour Lab. In this workshop you will learn about VariCam technology, colour grading and HDR vs. SDR image production. Dado Valentic will also demonstrate how to manage Colour Lab software and VariCam internal grading engine to get your very own cinema look.

Philippe Ros, AFC shooting Black&White with VariCam LT


An outstanding video tutorial about the process of shooting on VariCam LT without IR Cut Filter and creating black & white images in post production!

VariCam Experience & Colour Managment | Camerimage 2016 | Trailer 


Exclusive workshop led by Vanja Cernjul, ASC and Dado Valentic, ColourLab at Camerimage 2016 in Poland.

VariCam: HDR & Colour Management Workshop | BSC EXPO 2017


The workshop led by Dado Valentic will cover the main trends and challenges in cinematography: VariCam technology and Dual Native ISO in low light, HDR & Metadata, 4K Uncompressed RAW recording and many more. Tune in for more details!

Vanja Černjul ASC DoP about working with VariCam and HDR workflow


Interview with award-winning cinematographer Vanja Cerjul, ASC about his experience shooting with VariCam for HBO TV Series "The Deuce".

Inspired by initial test in low light conditions, he chose VariCam thanks to its Dual Native ISO and unique look. His next feature film is going to be shot in RAW with VariCam Pure

Dado Valentic reveals the HDR Colour Managment on VariCam


Lately Dado Valentic was involved into two TV-Series production shot on VariCam. VariCam line up featuring 35 mm sensor, little noise and ability for internal meta data creation is a perfect choice for HDR production, which has been already adopted by major online platforms Netflix, Amazon and HBO


HDR and Colour Managed Workflow | BSCEXPO 2017 Trailer



Dado Valentic, ColourLab unveiling HDR and Colour Managment workflow on VariCam at BSC EXPO 2017.

Shooting with VariCam by William Wages, ASC | Panasonic



At the Camerimage 2017 in Bydgoszcz, we asked William Wages (ASC), DP of The Forgiven, why he chose the VariCam LT for his movie. The experienced cinematographer also revealed what he likes about VariCam's dual native sensitivity and why he was nervous the first time using a new camera.

Shooting with VariCam by Patrick A. Stewart | Panasonic



We met cinematographer Patrick A. Stewart at the Camerimage 2017 in Bydgoszcz and had the pleasure of talking to him about his experience with Panasonic’s VariCam. Looking for change Stewart came across the VariCam LT, which he decided to used for the Netflix TV series Arrested Development. Find out why he opted for the VariCam LT and what shooting was like with the digital cinema camera in this interview. More interviews coming out soon, so subscribe to not miss them.