How Panasonic is creating extraordinary projection image quality?


  • To pursue the target of high picture quality we have progressively introduced higher resolutions for projector and display
  • Progressively we moved from XGA -> WXGA -> Full-HD -> WUXGA ->4K
  • The result is a finer detailed picture smaller on-screen pixel sizes which allows you to increase the projection size and bring the audience closer to the screen without having them see pixelization on the screen.
  • The native resolution does only influence the still picture reolution, but video images also require motion picture resolution which is defined by the frame rate
  • At low frame rates 24p, 30p fast moving video content (e.g. camera pan, or fast moving objects) become blurry because motion speed is higher than the capture speed or start juttering. Even 50p or 60p content can reproduce a high motion blur if the motion speed is high (footballl, racing car, fast runners)
  • High frame rate recording and reproduction will eliminate any motion blur. Panasonic can now project at 120hz or 240hz frame rate
  • With Frame Interpolation Panasonic can upscale low frame rate to high frame rate contents in order to reduce motion blur and jutter.

Impressive Image Quality

* Frame rate varies dependent on input signal frequency

Combination of high frame rate 120Hz processing with frame creation technology, the DZ21K2 series reproduces smoother video image with minimal motion blur.



Combination of high frame rate 240(RQ)/120(RZ)Hz processing with frame creation technology, The RQ13K/RZ12K series reproduces smoother video image with minimal motion blur.