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Mirror Head

The Mirror Head is a high-tech mirror that is digitally operated and can move either rapidly or slowly to project pictures, videos and texts on any surface - whether it´s moving or static. Through its high-level of performance, the entire system guarantees accuracy. It is important to note that the Mirror Head is also extendable to almost every projector and a quality product made in Austria. The outcome is a remarkable realization of the intended message. This application paves the way for so far unprecedented possibilities in light-design, projection and interior design.

Available Mirror Heads:

ET-MH14    MH Rental Panasonic DZ21K(2) series

ET-MH15    MH Rental Panasonic DZ13K series

ET-MH17    MH Rental Panasonic RZ970/RZ770/RZ660 series

ET-MH18     MH Rental Panasonic RZ31 series