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Panasonic PressIT

A Stress-free Wireless Presentation System for Business

Between deadlines, new developments and the need to deliver critical information to your teams, the last thing you have time for is wires, software or complex setup processes hampering your next presentation.

Instead, you need the flexibility. Super-fast setup. Simple, sleek, professional presentation. The ability to bring your own device.

You need PressIT.


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Your flexible wireless presentation system

Plug and play presentation
no wires, no software, no fuss

Crystal clear image display
HD image resolution and a high frame rate


Connect up to 32 devices
collaborative working just became simpler


Display up to 4 presenters at a time
better teamwork for everyone


Compatible with any device
whatever operating system you’re using

Seamless video playback with zero lag
thanks to superior low-latency technology


A man presenting to a team
A presentation in progress

Be ready to present in an instant


PressIT is the perfect plug-and-play presentation tool for today’s world of remote and multi-location working.

With PressIT, there’s no need for cables, wires or software installation. It gives you the flexibility to simply turn up and present exactly when you need to – no complexity, no wasted time. No stress.

It’s quick. It’s easy. And thanks to its ability to connect up to 32 devices and display four screens, it makes efficient, effective presentations and instant collaboration simpler than ever before.

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Display presentations with impact


PressIT doesn’t just offer setup simplicity. It offers superior image quality.

With higher frame rate streaming and lower latency, you can present professional-quality video at the push of a button. Now, you can create even more engaging presentations with incredible 4K resolution.

When PressIT is used with an interactive touch display, you can even control your presenting device directly from your presentation screen – no walking back and forth to edit. Simply manage and amend your presentation while standing.

Plus, with the ability to switch between presenters in just one click, collaborative working has never been simpler.



Make security concerns a thing of the past


Wireless presentation capability doesn’t mean compromising on security.

PressIT uses WPA2 AES128-bit encryption to keep your participants’ data completely secure, removing the chance of data leakage. Activate ‘lock mode’ at any time for interruption-free presenting. Plus, with no software to install or update, there’s no added risk to users either – just safe plug-and-play capability.

Its transmitter even features an antibacterial coating approved to international antimicrobial testing standards. For an additional layer of safety for your teams.


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Enquire about PressIT or book your demo today

Request a free demonstration of PressIT with the Panasonic team and say goodbye to messy cables, software installations and downtime.