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Success for Panasonic at Milan Design Awards

Panasonic’s “Electronics Meets Crafts” installation has won the prize of Best Storytelling at the Milan Design Awards, the second year in a row Panasonic has been recognised for its exhibition at Fuori Salone.

The exhibition took place as part of Milan Arts Week, a programme of art and design events taking place across the Italian city. The exhibition was held at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where among the exhibits on show was a light show featuring eight of company’s 12,000 lumen PT-DZ13 projectors, integrating the beauty and calmness of nature with the power of high brightness projection.

Packing 12,000 lumens of brightness the projector is well suited to live events, as it has an innovative dual lamp system and a lamp relay mode, meaning that the show can still go on without any interruption should a lamp fail.

Another part of the installation saw Panasonic partnering with Kyoto crafts collective GO ON to create a series of prototype products using the rich Japanese heritage of craft techniques.

“We chose to work together with GO ON because they have the foresight to connect the tradition and the future,” said Hitoshi Nakagawa, Product Designer at Panasonic’s Design Centre. “To consider the next 100 years, even the next 300 years, we need to continue creating new and unique values in order to communicate this spirit to everyone.”

The collaboration led to the theme of this year’s presence at Milan for Panasonic, as the company’s cutting-edge technology fuses with traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

A third component saw Panasonic collaborating with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and its students, with them making use of the Space Player™  to create their own work. With a new improved model launched this year boosting its brightness, the lighting and projector hybrid fits on a standard lighting rails making it ideal for museum and gallery applications.

“For this company, Milano Salone was the perfect opportunity to introduce the future possibilities and new concepts of our Panasonic Design. By receiving valuable insight from so many on this international stage, we have learned the importance of presenting our Philosophy and showing the greatness of Japan’s traditional crafts or cutting-edge technology to the world,” said Michiko Ogawa, Panasonic Director for the project. “I would like to express my gratitude to both Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and the joint collaboration of Kyoto craftspeople, GO ON, for their partnership in realising this project.”

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