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PRG XL Video uses Panasonic for Drake tour

PRG XL Video has helped create a highlight for Drake’s Boy Meets World Europe Tour, as the global live event leader used Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors, d3 and Blacktrax in a standout sequence. 

Drake is currently one of the biggest music artists on the globe. With the 2016 release of his album Views and playlist More Life in 2017, the Canadian rapper embarked on a number of dates across Europe following a hugely successful North American tour.

The projectors in action on stage. Photo credit: Alison Barclay/PRG XL VideoThe show design was incredibly complex, featuring multiple elements of lighting and video technology including an LED lighting system and video wall as well as a variety of projection.

Tour Director and Designer Steve Kidd, and Lighting Director and Designer Guy Pavelo have both worked with Drake for more than five years, providing the design for multiple tours in that time. The duo use event technology supplier PRG to realise their concepts in Europe and North America.

A major addition to the show for the European leg was the projection globe, where eight PT-RZ31K laser projectors arranged in four double-stacks created an awe-inspiring image thanks to Blacktrax and d3 technologies.

“The projection globe was from an art installation that happened in Toronto this past season,” said Guy Pavelo, explaining where the idea came from. “It was called Death of the Sun and it was a 45ft round sphere on top of a pedestal which was projection mapped onto.”

Drake performs on stage against the backdrop of the globe.“The guys are using d3 and Blacktrax to map and track the ball as it's inflated during the show, so we can realign and hit it completely,” he continued.

January 2017 saw PRG make a major investment in ultra-high brightness Panasonic laser projectors, with theatre production Bat Out of Hell – The Musical being the first to take advantage of the PT-RZ31K in Manchester. With 30,000 lumens of SOLID SHINE laser brightness, it’s a projector that has proven itself capable to handle the biggest of live events.

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All photos courtesy of Alison Barclay, PRG XL Video Ltd