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New portable projector range gets connected

Panasonic’s high brightness portable projector series is getting a refresh with an array of improvements to improve connectivity, compatibility and total cost of ownership.

The new PT-VZ580 range is aimed at the corporate meeting room and classroom environment, with enabled models offering a number of intelligent wireless connectivity options.

The six-model series gets a brightness boost to over 5,000 lumens, alongside a more resilient filter that is able to be washed twice before replacement is needed, effectively doubling its life to around 14,000 hours.

A new plug and share function enables users to take a USB memory stick and wirelessly connect and project content without struggling with network settings. The projector copies all the relevant setup files needed onto the memory stick, before automatically running a tool on the user’s PC to enable straightforward connection.

Additional installation flexibility is also created with a new long reach mode for DIGITAL LINK, offering cabling up to 150m and surpassing the limitations of conventional HDMI signals.

“The network capabilities go further than we’ve ever seen with our portable projectors before,” said Thomas Vertommen, European Projector Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic. “There’s a new powered USB port on selected models, supporting the use of media sticks like Google’s Chromecast™ and the Amazon Fire Stick, so there are multiple ways users can get content up on display incredibly quickly.”

The PT-VZ580 range is available from June 2017.

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