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AV hits the headlines at Media City Bergen

A media hub in Bergen has integrated Panasonic projectors, professional displays and remote cameras into a newly built facility, housing some of Norway’s biggest broadcasters and newspapers.

Media City Bergen is the first of its kind in the Nordics, following the same model as Media City in Salford. Completed in 2017, it includes the television channels TV 2 and NRK and the media house Bergens Tidende. The University of Bergen also has a campus on site.

Panasonic technology was used extensively throughout the space, from displays for simple sign in to broadcast cameras for traffic and travel bulletins.

In addition to displays installed across shared meeting spaces, five interactive touch screens (TH-65BF1) with LED backlight flat panel displays to aid a simple sign in and welcome process. Protective glass provides extra security against impact.

Panasonic projector models were then installed for both practical and artistic purposes inside the building. The 30,000 lumens PT-RZ31K laser projector provides statement projections in the main entry vestibule and a 5,400 lumens laser projector (PT-RZ570) was installed for larger group meetings, within the canteen area.

NRK has installed four remote cameras (AW-HR130) inside its regional radio studio so that programmes can be broadcast live on the NRK website.

Regional travel bulletins are also broadcast live from Media City. A user operated travel desk is situated in the main NRK reception area, with the presenter able to adjust the camera position using a control panel to move the dolly. Panasonic remote cameras film the broadcast and bring external images live to a Panasonic display behind the presenter. 

“We have a AW-HR140 camera on the roof, so that the team can zoom in on known travel hotspots throughout the city. The broadcasts are user operated and filmed using an AW-HE130,” says Erling Johnsen, Technical Manager at NRK. 

The HR140 is IP65 rated and offers resistance to wind speeds of up to 50 m/s without damage to the camera. Aluminium and other metal parts are coated to protect against salt damage.

Nine SpacePlayer™ hybrid lighting projectors are installed throughout the Bergens Tidende offices. These are used for wayfinding, signage and to create a more engaging work space. 

Integrated by AV-Teknikk and Kinly, a total of 22 TH-49AF1 displays are installed in ceiling mounted brackets across both the sales and editorial floors. Incorporating a System on a Chip, the OpenPort PLATFORM™ display series is designed for commercial signage applications and features an Android™ and HTML5-based open source platform. There are a total of six casual meeting spaces, where comfortable, modern seating is matched with 42 inch TH-42AF1 displays for simple sharing of content and presentations.

The newspaper has also installed two nine screen video walls, one as a focal point within the editorial floor, with a second in a communal chill-out space.

Tormod Åsen said, “In the kitchen area we are using the SpacePlayer™ to project onto the floor, reminding staff to put their cups away at the end of the day. It’s obviously a more engaging way of doing that than having a piece of A4 paper taped to the cupboards.

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