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Full HD Camera


This camera  is a full HD camera integrated with a pan-tilt head and featuring a 1/2.8-type full HD CMOS sensor and digital signal processor (DSP). A dynamic range stretch (DRS) function that compensates for overexposure and loss of dark detail and a new hybrid digital noise reduction (Hybrid DNR) function for minimizing image lag even in dark locations and shooting scenes clearly are incorporated to reproduce clean and clear images in a wide range of applications.

In addition to its optical 12x zoom lens, the camera comes with a 10x digital zoom to achieve high-quality shooting that overflows with ambiance. The camera can change at 90 degrees per second. Wide rotational angles with a panning range of approx. 100 degrees and a tilting range of approx. 30 degrees. The camera operates at a noice level of NC35 (in normal speed) or NC40 (in preset mode)

This camera can be operated remotely using a wireless remote controller (AW-RM50G), which is available as an optional accessory. The camera can not be operated directly by the wireless remote controller of the HD Video Conference unit.