• LinkRay™ Technology

    The 1-2-1 mobile marketing solution

LinkRay™ fixed ID modulator XC-ALS01W-1

Data transmission through light becomes reality

  XC-ALS01W-1 AL-A001GL
Numer of light ID's emitted 1 Unlimited ID's
Compatible LED light source Contant voltage LED 5V, 7W or lower Constant Voltage LED 12V or 24V, up to 50 W
Dimensions 66x30x10mm, 15g

148x43x33mm, 200g

Typical Usage Ideal for smaller LED sign panels from A5 to A3 sizes Ideal for large LED sign panels from A3 to A0 sizes

The LinkRay™ system allows to quickly provide a wide range of information, with simply placing the phone in front of the light source.

In addition to our range of Professional Displays equipped with built-in LinkRay™ technology, Panasonic provide a flexible solution to make any LED light source capable of transmitting  LinkRay IDs. Panasonic is offering two types of modulators.

The variable ID modulator AL-A001GL can handle an unlimited number of ID signals, allowing the scheduling and management of variable content. It is compatible with a 12-24V LED light source up to 50W, with daisy chaining also possible. This is the best option to equip larger signboards with LinkRay, for example, and for integration with variable content management system.

The fixed ID modulator XC-ALS01W-1 is compact and lightweight, powered over USB up to 7W. It is especially suitable for low-cost and space-limited installations, such as product showcases, or low-power lighting, such as table-top ordering applications.


How does LinkRay work

An ID code is emitted from a LED display or LED lighting device equipped with the LinkRay function. An ordinary smartphone / tablet reads the ID and downloads information from the internet. 

LinkRay Benefits

  • Deliver engaging informational or promotional content smoothly & seamlessly
  • Link to advertising/purchase, social Media, follow-up communications, navigation service
  • Customize content according to language and other attributes
  • Reach younger and digital native users
  • Replace conventional labeling and printed information material
  • Analyze the visitor journey (interest, route, groups)
  • Discrete integration, maintain aesthetic integrity of the location

Typical Usage

Internally illuminated signboard

Retail lightening environment

Digital Signage Display

Personalized welcome messageProduct information

Store information and directions

Illuminated Showcase 

Scheduled Content

Direction signs

Museum exhibit Information See and order on the phone only the Menu of the timeProvide directions in different languages


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