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  • World Expo Milano 2015

    -Panasonic Visual Systems Case Studies-

Expo Milano - The Waterstone Pavilion

The strikingly modern architecture and beautiful eco-friendly materials of Intesa Sanpaolo’s The Waterstone pavilion provided a fitting home for the contemporary art and audio-visual installations housed within. Host to a lively schedule of performances, conferences, and family friendly events, the pavilion exploited an array of Panasonic projection equipment to the fullest effect.

Walls exploded with the colour and movement of nature thanks to seven ceiling-mounted 3-Chip DLP™ PT-DZ13K Projectors employing Geometric Adjustment to present distortion-free images on the curved surfaces. Flexible 360º vertical rotation capability and a centre-mounted lens, meanwhile, made it easy to vertically mount a further seven 3-Chip DLP™ PT-DZ770K projectors firing straight down on the floor in front of the wall-projection area.