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Remarkable and realistic training simulator
SIMAC is Denmark’s largest maritime educational institution offering training courses for maritime students as well as for captains, officers and crews of large and smaller container ships. An important part of the training involves several days in a realistic, full-scale ship-training simulator. Training through a simulator is a perfect way to learn valuable lessons, according to Associate Professor Poul Vibsig Pedersen at SIMAC, it is a safe virtual environment, which makes it possible to push the trainees beyond the edge of safety but without any real safety hazards. However, that requires a high quality simulator that generates a convincing and detailed experience for the trainees. The accuracy and realism of the image is therefore vitally important to the illusion of being in command of a large ship in a real life environment. To fulfill these needs, it was time for SIMAC to replace their eight years old system with a new modern full-mission-bridge simulator.

“We had the choice between four great solutions from four companies, all of which provided a modern and suitable training simulator. However, Panasonic and its local partner Interaktiv ApS delivered without doubt the best technology that met our requirements for a realistic, powerful and cost-effective solution, which was actually also most attractive price-wise,” says Poul Vibsig Pedersen.

The selected simulator includes seven Panasonic DZ870-projectors, a spectacular 240 degrees waveformed monitor, vibrating floors, and surround sound in order to create an exciting and lifelike visual experience.    

High quality projector for real simulation
“The quality of the projectors are not to be mistaken. The simulator seems so realistic that the trainees get completely carried away. It is with full concentration and sweaty hands they are on the look-out for small fishing boats to avoid hitting them," explains Poul Vibsig Pedersen.

The Danish maritime school requested reliable and extremely user-friendly projectors with faithful colour reproduction, excellent contrast ratio and night scene quality. SIMAC is more than satisfied, because Panasonic’s DZ870-projectors met all these requirements thanks to the advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Dynamic RGB Booster which provides high image quality with levels of colour reproduction and brightness that make each colour stand out.
  • The unique dual-lamp drive system that makes the body compact, while two newly developed, high-output, 420 W lamps provide high brightness of 8,500 lm.
  • Dynamic Iris which uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve a remarkable 10,000:1* contrast without lowering its high brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks, and provide images with more detailed textures.
  • Waveform monitor function that makes it possible to view waveforms on the screen and adjust the settings either automatically or manually.
  • The Multi-Screen Support System which optimally adjusts multiple screens: Edge blending, colour matching and multi-screen processor. Up to 100 units (10 x 10) can be edge-blended at a time.
  • The new Geometry Manager Pro software that supports colour matching, edge blending, uniformity correction, complex geometric adjustment capability for a variety screen shapes and other useful functions for multi‐projector setups.
  • LE085 short throw lens and large front surface mirrors which were installed as space was limited.

"We definitely got a sharper picture quality, higher installation rate and a far better soft edge blending in the areas where the seven projectors meet. In the past, we manually installed and corrected each projector individually to one screen. The new projector range handles it all automatically – which is great andsaves us many hours. Especially when you have a colourblind technician,” says Poul Vibsig Pedersen with a broad smile.

SIMAC is so pleased with the solution that they plan on expanding with a second simulator in the coming year.

“I have already recommended the solution to another maritime school that wants a similar simulator. They participated in a conference at SIMAC and was very impressed with the great pictures. So it is very likely that many maritime students will be testing their capabilities in a simulator with Panasonic projectors in the future, and those students will learn a lot and be thrilled with the experience,” says Poul Vibsig Pedersen.

Anywhere you want to go, Panasonic takes you there
With SIMAC’s new full-mission-bridge simulator is it possible to enter more than 100 places in the world with 150 different types of ships, which makes the solution useful for a broad range of training sessions. However, the solution is not only for maritime settings, the Panasonic projectors can be used in all kinds of training simulators – from tanks to aircrafts – not even the sky is the limit.

View a movie about SIMAC here.