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Relying on cinematic visuals for their flight simulator experiences, French company Aslim chose Panasonic as the ideal provider of video-projectors to meet the companies designing and manufacturing needs.

Panasonic’s video-projectors are compact and were easy to integrate into our turnkey flight simulator solutions.

Arnaud Nogues, Hardware Development Manager - Alsim

Client – Alsim
Location – Le Loroux-Bottereau, France
Products Supplied – PT-EZ590

Finding a range of versatile, compact and lightweight projectors.


Panasonic Business’s expertise and PT-EZ590 series video-projectors ensured that Alsim got exactly the right solution which met all of their criteria.

Alsim, wa company based in Nantes and founded nearly 25 years ago, specialises in developing and manufacturing flight simulators. Video-projectors, which are key components of Alsim’s solutions, play an important role in ensuring that future pilots are fully immersed during their practical flight simulator training.


“We opted for Panasonic for several reasons: firstly because we had used their products in the past and had always been thrilled with the results, and secondly because space was at a premium and Panasonic’s video-projectors are compact and were easy to integrate into our turnkey flight simulator solutions”, says Arnaud Nogues, Hardware Development Manager at Alsim.


Panasonic’s projectors help ensure that pilots are fully immersed during training

Used as part of pilots’ initial, basic training (involving simulations of landings, take-offs, faults and failures, etc.), Panasonic’s projectors ensure that the flight simulator’s cinematic visuals are perfectly projected.

Thanks to their exceptional image quality, Panasonic Business’s video-projectors help ensure that students are fully immersed during training.

On account of the PT-EZ590 range’s dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 with iris, its high resolution for detailed full HD images, its Daylight View Basic function guaranteeing sharp and vivid images, and its colour adjustment function, it boasts versatile, compact and lightweight video-projectors which can be used cost-effectively in a diverse range of applications.

Within the space of a year, Alsim has acquired 24 video-projectors for installing the required solutions it offers its clients, which are primarily pilot training centres, aeronautical and aviation universities and flying clubs. Installing the projectors took merely a few days.


“The quality of the visual system was a key criterion in our decision-making process. Video-projectors play a key role in students’ overall experience as they ensure that they are fully immersed which is essential in ensuring top-quality training. We were particularly impressed with the horizontal and vertical Lens Shift command which enables you to shift the image and therefore makes it easier to position the video-projectors”, adds Arnaud Nogues, Hardware Development Manager at Alsim.

Device used for flight simulations

Panasonic PT-EZ590 projector

Illustration of flight simulation in progress