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  • Tough in every environment…but not on your budget.

    Introducing TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service

Cutting-edge technology just got more affordable




A unique monthly payment model for your TOUGHBOOK solutions.

And because TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service is subscription-based, your organisation will benefit from the OPEX way of doing business.

So, it’s better for your balance sheet.


Get the latest rugged technology and the most powerful performance… whatever your budget


What can your organisation look forward to?
  • No upfront costs
  • Fixed regular monthly payments over 3, 4, 5 or 6 years
  • Include accessories, warranties, services and software
  • End of life services included
  • Uninterrupted efficiency
  • Regularly updated rugged tech

A subscription solution like no other

You benefit from a solution tailored to your business but with the advantage of paying a low, fixed monthly amount over a 3, 4, 5 or 6-year period. Your budget goes further so you can allocate it to other resources.

Should you want to own your assets at the end of your contract, Econocom - our TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service finance partner - can accommodate that too.


Uninterrupted efficiency

No more outdated tech means no more unexpected maintenance and downtime costs. Not to mention increased day-to-day operational savings.

Upgrade your tech more regularly to always have the best equipment and stay ahead of the competition.



Thanks to TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service, your workforce will be equipped with the latest (and best) rugged devices, software and services. All for low monthly costs.

Subscription-based TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service means you benefit from an OPEX-based model. So it’s better for your balance sheet.

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Get the full works

TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service doesn’t just apply to our rugged devices. Other items and services can easily be included in your package too:

  • Warranties
  • Accessories
  • Vehicle mounts and docking stations
  • Specialist software
  • Customisation options
  • Professional services
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Fuss-free flexibility

Every TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service contract can be tailored to your requirements in a number of ways:

  • Contract term
  • Solution package
  • Payment intervals
  • Airtime
  • MDM and data analytics
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Hassle-free end-of-life service

Your TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service package also includes: 

  • Device delivery
  • Collection
  • Secure data wiping (in line with GDPR and WEE directives)
  • Recycling

6-year subscription + midway device refresh

Our new 6-year model gives you all the benefits TaaS offers…for longer. Plus, an equipment upgrade halfway through your contract. So you won’t miss out on the latest tech.

It’s flexible too. Adjust your refresh window (between 30-42 months) to suit your business requirements. Roll it out in one ‘big bang’ or over a staged period. Or choose to keep your initial devices for reduced rental installments.

6-year subscription
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A more sustainable solution

TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service also helps to support the circular economy.


What happens at the end of my contract?

We offer a number of options. You can choose to:

  • Refresh your tech with a new TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service agreement
  • Keep your assets at a reduced subscription cost
  • Own your assets

Discover how your organisation could benefit from the latest rugged technology, entirely personalised to your needs, without the painful up-front payments.


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