Succeeding in extremes with the German Ski Association

Panasonic rugged computers help the German Ski Association
Whether in training or at World Cup competitions: Panasonic Toughbook mobile PCs serve as reliable partners to the ski jumping team of the German Ski Association (DSV) at all times – even in the most adverse and extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Klingenthal/Germany: 4° and continuous rain

During the team’s preparation for the World Cup season, Toughbook computers are exposed to a typical German winter. It’s cold, wet and raining constantly – but the computers run reliably. When training’s finished, they’re turned upside down to dry off.


Kuusamo/Finland: -18°

The temperatures are frosty when the World Cup season gets underway.
 Under these conditions it takes a little longer than usual for the computers to boot, but the batteries keep running throughout the competition. “5 hours at -18° – that’s just great,” sums up co-trainer Christian Winkler.


Kuopio/Finland: -15° and icy drizzle

The co-trainer is also enthusiastic about the Toughbook computers’ reliability under icy conditions at the second World Cup meeting: “A film of ice on the PC, but it keeps working brilliantly!!!”

Panasonic rugged computers help the German Ski Association
The Toughbook’s rugged design means it operates in temperatures as low as -18ºC.
Panasonic is world #1 in rugged computing

“The Toughbook computers are top-class and make our work at the hill a whole lot easier.”

Christian Winkler’s verdict prior to the World Cup event in Sapporo, Japan 

Panasonic rugged computers help the German Ski Association
Long battery life ensures the team always has access to the data it needs.
What was the technology used?
Panasonic is world #1 in rugged computing

Toughbook CF-31 rugged computer​

Whether working in adverse weather, wet conditions, underground or where space restrictions would usually hamper productivity, the CF-31 ensures that mobile workers perform to their optimum, at all times.

  • Intel® Core™ i5 5300U vPro™ Processor
  • Windows 8.1 Pro Update
  • Intel® HD 5500 graphics
  • Up to 18 hours battery life with user replaceable battery
  • Vibration and shock resistant (MIL-STD 810G)¹
  • Water and dust resistant (IP65², MIL-STD 810G)
  • 13.1" high brightness 1.200 cd/m² outdoor display with circular polarizer