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Brandenburg Gate museum implements Panasonic displays to tell a variety of visual stories

The Panasonic screens make the room highly flexible. The result: digital storytelling at its best!

Lutz Engelke- founder and CEO of TRIAD Berlin

Products Supplied – TH-55LFV6

To create an immersive museum experience that's adaptable enough to meet the needs of multiple clients.


Using 87 Panasonic display screens to tell the incredible history of the city while offering a flexible working environment, for large corporations.

Built between 1788 and 1791 by King Frederick William II, the Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most recognisable landmarks as it serves as a reminder of both the division and unification of Germany. The gate was restored after the Second World War and formed an important part of the Berlin Wall with its access sealed off in the east of the city. In 1989 the wall was torn down and Germans celebrated a peaceful revolution at the Brandenburg Gate which finally paved the way to the re-unification of the west and east as one country.

Just 100 metres from the monument itself, the multi-media Brandenburg Gate Museum invites visitors to experience more than 300 years of history in a new 'Edutainment' format. 

Panasonic has helped the Brandenburg Gate Museum with its immersive experience space by providing them with 87 full HD screens. It is one of the largest Panasonic videowalls in Europe and is used for everything from political conferences, gaming demonstrations and university productions.

Marc Burgdorff is head of tourism at TRIAD Berlin: a creative agency focusing on spatial communication, responsible for both the implementation and content creation of the media screens at the Brandenburg Gate Museum.

“We change this place for all different kinds of situations, including conferences and workshops,” Marc says. “For example, the 10-year anniversary for Assassin's Creed was held here where they demonstrated their products. Journalists came from all over the world and streamed it across social channels.”

"The Panasonic videowall offers unique immersive experiences to our visitors."

TRIAD produced a spectacular custom-made multimedia show for the Brandenburg Gate Museum which offers a unique journey through time. "If you dig deep into the history, you can tell the entire story of Berlin, of Germany and even of Europe through the Brandenburg Gate.” explains Lutz Engelke, the founder and CEO of TRIAD Berlin.

"The versatility of the media screens forms a unique selling point for Panasonic."

Panasonic TH-55LFV6W screens have an ultra-narrow bezel for superior large-format visibility which makes them perfect for both event space and museum use. 

The room is adaptable and has many modes. “There is a museum mode, but the screens are also adaptable for business conferences, music streaming, art exhibitions, video games and even fashion shows,” says Burgdorff. For example, recently the Berlin Fashion Show as part of Fashion Week used this room along with virtual reality to provide an immersive experience.

Thanks to the VR functionality, the room can also become a useful training tool in situations where on-the-job learning may be difficult. Examples are, "a real estate property that has yet to be built or an offshore wind farm," Burgdorff explains. The Panasonic videowall can mirror the images of VR glasses on site, enabling everyone in the room to participate in the immersive setting.

"We are always looking for innovation and new ideas. This room is a creative factory. The 87 screens are able to display the content of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets which gives us endless possibilities. Any kind of content can be shown!

"It's also a communication room. It could be a newsroom as well as a congress room. Live connections can be made all around the world," adds Burgdorff.

Robert Mönnich is a technical expert and one of the creators of the room: “There can be up to six displays each with their own resolution, the content itself only has half the resolution but it is stretched VR/V4 to produce the best picture. Many technology companies come here to make use of the 270 degree view on these 87 screens. The versatility of the media screens forms a unique selling point for Panasonic.” 





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