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Case Studies

Panasonic Visual Solutions have proven their worth for customers right across Europe. Panasonic has given event producers the freedom to create spectacular live shows and 3D mapping events. For Museums, Theatres and Exhibition Centres our stunning, interactive visual technologies provide the freedom to engage minds of all ages. Our low cost of ownership projectors and professional displays are the silent workhorses in the background giving organisations in Education and the Corporate sector the freedom to collaborate. Take a look through our library of downloadable case studies, to discover exactly how our technology is setting the working world free to succeed.

Product Category: Projectors
Sector: Europe,
High performing, reliable and easy to use Panasonic LCD projectors and 4K PTZ cameras are the vital visual elements in the state-of-the-art Grundfos corporate events venue.
Product Category: Projectors
Sector: Europe, , Media Entertainment & Events
The most important event of the year in Budapest took place on August 20, and spectacular celebrations were broadcast on national television.
Product Category: Projectors
Sector: Europe, Leisure, Museums, Services, Exhibition
The project started in November 2019 with what seemed to be a simple equipment order: Sensea Immersive contacted Panasonic to procure roughly a dozen projectors for an immersive exhibit based on the works and life of Leonardo DaVinci, produced by Crossmedia Group of Florence Italy. Similar exhibits had already been built in Italy and Mexico, and those teams were expected to be involved in the creation of the newest exhibit in Tsawwassen, British Columbia. As the project moved from the planning stages to design, however, things became more complicated. At that point, Sapphire Sound, who was originally brought in as simply a supplier of Panasonic projectors, took on a larger role. “We learned that for the production teams in Italy and Mexico, which are affiliated with this Canadian installation, it wasn’t going to be easy for them to travel [due to Covid restrictions],” said Steve Klassen of Sapphire Sound.
Product Category: Projectors
Sector: Europe, Leisure, Museums, Media Entertainment & Events
Unique multimedia exhibition titled Bylo, nebylo, van Gogh, Monet, Renoir ... immersive experience takes place in Prague Fórum Karlín. On an area of more than 2,000 m2, masterpieces of the famous impressionists are presented in a completely new way through projections complemented by 3D sound effects.
Product Category: Projectors
Sector: Europe, Leisure, Museums
A light and sound show that brings art closer to the public in a striking and interactive way. The company in charge of the event’s technical and audiovisual setup, Fluge AV, used Panasonic projectors and lenses.