Visual Sort Assist

Visual Sort Assist (VSA) combines scanning technology and projection to speed up the process of sorting parcels on a conveyor belt. Through the semi-automation of parcel checking and routing, you can improve sorting operations dramatically. The time saved by using VSA can be spent on other tasks, to focus on customer service for example.

The system is designed to be used in sites where the workers pick packages based on the information which can be read from the label including in sorting centres, last mile DCs and reverse logistics applications.

The Visual Sort Assist is an ideal solution for businesses which:

  • Aim to improve delivery times for their customers
  • Wish to keep workers at the centre of their operations
  • Would like to reduce workers’ fatigue and stress
  • Are trying to avoid the financial impact of full automation
  • Would like to reduce times spent on training workforce
  • Reduce errors in processing items

If you would like to see our VSA technology in action, book a tour around our showroom.