Technology Solutions for Post-Pandemic Instore Retail

Prior to the lockdown, priorities were based around innovating instore, hyper-personalised customer experiences and creating must-visit destinations. During these unprecedented times, priorities have changed and the focus has now shifted to creating safe and secure environments to entice customers back into the store whilst trying to generate revenues to survive.

These challenges centre around customers - reassuring cautious customers to entice them back to store and providing good customer service while adhering to government health and safety Covid-19 guidelines.

We, at Panasonic Business, have been working hard with our partners and customers to create technology solutions that help solve the challenges this new normal brings. Creating solutions that help you to

  • Manage customer and staff health and safety requirements effectively
  • Enhance customer flow into, through and out of the store.
  • Optimise utilisation of floor space

Entrance management

Reassure customers by effectively managing the number of customers in your store. Using a combination of Panasonic camera, sensor and display technology you can measure congestion inside your store, provide visibility to your staff to manage the environment more effectively and inform customers when they are able to enter the building using a traffic light system and/or audible instructions.

Capacity management

Managing social distancing and high traffic areas within stores in today’s environment is essential to build trust with your customers in the shop and optimise store capacity. Panasonic’s retail technology solutions use a combination of sensors, cameras and software to provide you with insight into customer behaviour in the store. Understand where your customers are, if social distancing rules are being followed, manage queuing times and set alerts to notify staff and customers when the distance between them is too small.

Data Analytics

Customer Insight remains critical for instore retail to improve customer flow and experience. Panasonic’s intelligent data analytics include:

  • heat mapping,
  • people counting,
  • demographic information and
  • dwell time
  • Panasonic solutions provide actionable insight to help you optimise utilisation of floor space, improve operation efficiency and enhance customer experience in your stores.

Customer Experience and Communication

Customer experience and in bricks and mortar retail stores has never been more important. Providing clear communication to customers to manage their instore experience is critical to encourage them to return to the high street. These tools include

  • Digital Displays/Projection –
    Panasonics leading range of displays and projectors enables you to effectively communicate with your customers in your stores.

  • Electronic Shelf Labels –
    Provide the ability for you improve operational efficiency and limit staff time on the shop floor. Centralised price changes can be made in minutes, hands-free. Whilst at the same time, allowing you to remind customers of social distancing requirements at each point on the shelf.

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