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Fast and efficient. Convenient and flexible.


Fast and efficient. Convenient and flexible.

In today's fast-paced, hybrid and mult-locational world, customers are increasingly demanding convenience and speed when receiving and returning their shopping.

In fact, such convenience can play a vital role in determining whether they shop with a retailer at all.

Now more than ever, retailers and logistics providers must give customers pickup and drop-off options that better fit their way of life.

Panasonic's Smartlocker is the answer.

Arapid, secure and contactless delivery solution, Smartlocker allows goods to be collected and returned easily, efficiently and most importantly... flexibly

A Panasonic Smartlocker on a campus

Business benefits

  • Save resources
  • Lower your operational costs
  • Decrease errors
  • Reduce number of lost parcels
  • Increase customer retention

Panasonic has all the options covered with ambient, chilled, freezer and heated lockers. Ideal for perishable items such as groceries and takeout meals.

A Panasonic Smartlocker at a restaurant

A quick-start solution. Whatever your operational situation.

Standalone Model

Standalone model
Our standalone, plug-and-play Smartlocker means you don't need a robust ecommerce platform or complex integration to get up-and-running right away.

Cloud Model

Cloud model
Seamlessly upgrade from our standalone model, or integrate with your ecommerce platform instantly, for in-depth, real-time utilisation-optimising data reporting.

How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler or more user friendly for you and your customers.

Build your own Panasonic Smartlocker around our specific business and customer requirements.

  • Modular design
  • 4 temperatures available (ambient, chilled, freezer, heated)
  • Indoor and outdoor versions
  • 6, 8, 10 or 12 door units
  • Standalone or cloud-based
A Panasonic Smartlocker at a supermarket

The perfect fit for multiple environments


Convenience stores

Petrol stations

Shopping centres

Restaurants and fast-food settings


And more...

Benefits for your customers

Ultimate convenience
With 24/7 access and placement in high footfall areas, Panasonic Smartlocker allows your customers to collect and return items at a time and in a location that best suits them.

It's safer and more secure
They can rest assured that hot, chilled or frozen foods will be kept safely in a temperature-controlled area. And that the days of packages being missed or left unattended are over.

Benefits for you

Reduce errors and costs from missed deliveries
Smartlocker automation cuts the risk of human error, and with GDPR-compliant monitoring capabilities and data encryption, you'll be able to verify access to lockers, plus pickup and drop-off times.

Lower delivery costs
Improve labour and travel efficiency with multiple deliveries to a single location.

It's a more sustainable approach
Fewer delivery stops, logistics vehicles and routes mean your company will play its part in helping to decrease carbon emissions. For additional economy (and footprint reduction), one Smartlocker can be registered to multiple suppliers.

Guarantee food freshness — hot or cold
‘Smartlocker is the ideal choice for perishable items — including meals — thanks to a choice of four temperatures: ambient, chilled, freezer and heated.

Maximise brand visibility and advertising revenue
Smartlocker can be fully customised with your brand colours and logos ~ weather resistant designs guaranteed.

Comprehensive service and support
Providing additional peace of mind — with multiple packages available to suit your individual business requirements.

It’s scalable and future-proof too
Smartlocker's modular design and plug-and-play setup allow you to expand and contract quickly and easily, depending on your business needs. Seamlessly upgrade to our cloud-based version or integrate with your ecommerce platform at a later date, for in-depth, real-time utilisation-optimising data reporting.

Pick up. Drop off. Click. Collect.

A Panasonic locker in a shopping centre

Looking for more?

Whether you're in the market for Panasonic Smartlocker or other in-store technology solutions, our expert team is on hand to help, and to talk you through how we've successfully supported customers around the world in their Smartlocker — and retail — digital transformations.

Talking shop

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Rethinking retail

For every customer. Across every touchpoint.

As well as Smartlocker, we offer a whole host of industry-specific retail technologies and services. All have been developed to make boosting in-store operational efficiency and creating an unforgettable customer service as easy as possible.

- Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)
- In-store analytics
- Intelligent security
- Dynamic displays and advertising
- Mobile computing

And more...



You're in good company

We've already helped small, medium, large, local and global businesses to achieve Smartlocker success — including some household names. Contact us to find out who we've done it for, and how.