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Smart factory solutions to support Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is transforming the factory floor. Technologies such as big data, automation, advanced analytics, the Internet of Things and Wi-Fi connectivity are all commonplace within the new digital age of manufacturing. Once implemented, the challenge becomes managing it all.

That’s where Panasonic comes in.

Our pioneering technologies provide intelligent, connected, customisable manufacturing solutions. Not only can we enhance your operational efficiency – we’ll help you discover where your business holds even more potential to improve efficiencies, and make your Industry 4.0 initiatives a reality.


Streamline your manufacturing processes and reclaim hours lost to inefficiency

  • Scalable, customisable software solutions

  • Operational visibility

  • End-to-end production management

  • Efficient pick-and-pack and manual sorting automation

  • Agile software integration

  • Rugged mobile technology

We build and test the same software solutions in our Panasonic manufacturing facilities: for increased ROI, improved TCO and enhanced production quality.


"By implementing Panasonic’s manufacturing solutions, Continental Automotive have optimised their workflows, eliminating inefficient processes and reducing the time between ‘goods receipt’ and ‘booking’ – so goods are available for production in record ti

Gemba Process Innovation for manufacturing

Technology, processes and people working in harmony


The manufacturing sector is facing disruption on a massive scale.

It’s facing transformational environmental and social trends, such as work shortages and lifestyle changes; and significant tech advances such as AI, intelligent edge devices and the e-commerce explosion.

It’s facing an exponential pressure to deliver more. In less time. With fewer resources.

The key to navigating such a rapidly shifting landscape, is to seamlessly combine the digital with the physical. To optimise the flow of information between people, places and ‘things’ on manufacturing frontlines.

And the physical site – or ‘actual place’ – where this all happens, is the Gemba.

Panasonic’s ‘Gemba Process Innovation’ draws on over 100 years of business, technology and services know-how, to help logistics customers streamline their processes across the entire supply chain.

Allowing your staff to focus on what’s important – your business.



Making it happen

Increased efficiency. Reduced costs. A digitalised future.

Did you know factories who embrace smart solutions see their asset efficiency boosted by an average of 20%*?

At Panasonic, our solutions are already transforming the factory floor. We’ve worked closely with our manufacturing partners to develop and refine a suite of tools which help you monitor, manage and control your workflows, assets, materials and product quality. So your teams can be their most productive, while you minimise operating expenses and waste.

Plus, our business intelligence analytics produce actionable data, so you can drive even smarter decision-making in your day to day.


You need experience

We’ve spent over a century adapting and innovating our own processes to meet market demand. To this day, we monitor, analyse and improve our processes across hundreds of production sites, worldwide. And we’ll apply that wealth of knowledge and expertise to support you.


You need excellence

We develop technologies which solve your real business challenges. From Robotics and AI, to image processing, IoT and high-performance hardware. We will leverage the right solutions for your business, to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

technology partner

You need a technology partner you can trust.

Above all, we work with each of our customers to fully understand their business, to enable collaboration and to improve their operations. We don’t just provide highly reliable solutions; we’ll continue to support you and ensure your ongoing success.

smart factory

Smart factory

The culmination of Industry 4.0

Today’s era of manufacturing automation is creating highly-digitalised and connected manufacturing facilities. More often than ever, we rely on technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, robotics, big data, mobile technology and artificial intelligence to streamline and improve our operations.

Smart factories are the culmination of this technological evolution.

In a smart factory, production processes are flexible and run almost autonomously with the ability to self-correct in real time. As a result, your employees are no longer focused on repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. Instead, they can focus on higher-level work, handling exceptions, managing relationships and creating new revenue streams.

Process optimisation

Streamline workflows, eliminate downtime

Connected to manufacturing execution systems (MES) like Panasonic PanaCIM®, workers can display lists of tools, find the location of work to be done, access documentation and take advantage of training.

In the warehouse, real-time inventory checks ensure managers can keep track of the movement of items upon delivery, increasing productivity and reducing loss.

Process Optimisation

Engineered for you

Technology built for the factory floor

With over a century of experience manufacturing our own solutions, you’re in safe hands with Panasonic.

Our integrated solutions has been built to optimise your manufacturing production, so you can waste less and create more.

visual sort assist

Visual Sort Assist (VSA)

Drastically increase the capacity, agility and wellbeing of your parcel sorting force to meet the rising and rapidly changing demands of your customers, without expanding your facilities or investing in costly and complex full automation and extensive staff training.

pana cim process enforcement

PanaCIM Process Enforcement

A complete, scalable and effective Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software package. Designed to provide traceability of any product and any process regardless of manufacturing mix or volume.

asset performance maintenence

PanaCIM Asset Performance Maintenance

An effective and easy-to-use solution for managing assets from purchase to disposal through your entire enterprise. Providing comprehensive insight and analysis across many different departments to enhance your asset management processes and decision making.



Durable. Secure. Adaptable. We’re Europe’s leading rugged mobile tech brand for a reason. Explore our range of purpose-built mobile computing solutions, fit for today’s digitally-enabled production line.



Panasonic Security solutions deliver the highest image quality in all environmental conditions using our highly reliable, advanced technology cameras and image recording systems.

Our continuously expanding range of security products contains a variety of intelligent features, many of which can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete, reliable, and cost -effective security system

workplace of the future

Workplace of the future

Beyond the factory floor, a modern work environment needs flexible, secure and easy-to-use solutions to enable efficient and creative idea sharing between devices and employees. Panasonic recently introduced the PressIT Wireless Presentation System, a play-and-play technology designed to eliminate the need for cables and make meetings more efficient by streamlining content sharing

Upgrade your parcel-sorting productivity and agility

Process optimisation in manufacturing: The key to best-in-class success. An Aberdeen research report

Continental Europe drives towards supply chain evolution

From orders, scanning, picking and packing, to delivery and drop off. Our expert team is on hand to help with any questions you

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