Communication Solutions

Presence as you require in your stores

Whether you have a small store, chain store or a large shopping centre to manage, streamlined communications with your staff and partners are vital. Panasonic’s unified communication solutions provide you the Freedom to communicate where ever you are, ensuring you are always available. Away from your desk? Take your mobile phone with you. No call forwarding is necessary; the call ‘follows’ you in all areas of your premises - even the basement or parking area. And if you’re talking to a customer, you conversation remains undisturbed, even if you status is changed to ‘chat only’, for example. This can all be managed or controlled by PCs and apps.

Multiple stores under one umbrella – unify their communications

If you’re responsible for a chain store, the communication infrastructure can be shared between multiple sites over your data network. This saves you huge investment costs and allows you to switch between each site, using the same infrastructure at anytime. No additional training, hardware or licenses are required. If you’re running a cloud-based service from your telecom provider, Panasonic offers you best-in-class telephone terminals, from a simple desktop phone to a smartphone application or a multicell wireless network solution.

Manage your documents

In the current day-to-day working atmosphere, paper is still relevant and always there. Storing these digitally requires a stable, sturdy and swift scanning solution. Panasonic provides these easy to use, space saving applications. Being connected via USB, WiFi or wired network, giving you the Freedom to serve your customer at your best.

Product categories

Unified communications

Panasonic’s IP Business Communication Server makes communication simpler and more flexible than ever before throughout your retail premises. The IP Communication Server provides an innovative unified collaboration and communication environment, including desktop tools, voicemail and an interactive voice response system (IVR). Providing you the Freedom to ‘inter’ connect up to 2000 users in a single network, with larger applications based on your needs. Fully transparent network features, first-class voice quality in HD wideband audio and swift capacity expansions make the system the most complete solution available.

SIP-based telephony

Designed to maintain effective, consistent communications throughout your business network, we give you the Freedom to communicate using our comprehensive range of SIP solutions. From a standard Deskphone to single or multi cell Cordless solutions to a Cloud based H-PBX solution.

Professional Scanners

Today’s business world is demanding more effectiveness and more efficiency. Our range provides you the Freedom to achieve all, giving you a scanning solution to every requirement. Through desktop, flat-bed or high-speed models, connected via USB, Wi-Fi or Wired network.