Thought you knew Panasonic....think again

Author: Tony O'Brien


When you first think of Panasonic as a brand, it may be that TVs or cameras first come to mind. Although consumer electronics represents a minority of Panasonic’s business, with B2B sales accounting for over 70 per cent of global revenues, most consumers will regularly use something made by Panasonic, often without even knowing it.

Our foundations have been built in consumer electronics and this has helped us gain powerful insights and expertise as to what drives consumers, and we’ve applied this know-how to help our business customers. We recognise that the majority of our B2B customers sell to consumers. This Business to Business to Consumer knowledge is what makes Panasonic so different in the B2B market.

Our extensive B2B  portfolio  includes not only hardware products such as projectors and display systems, solar energy which are connected to energy efficient  storage systems,  but also intuitive software tools which are embedded to make devices more intelligent. Recent examples of our disruptive technology   include Lithium-ion batteries which are helping Tesla to change the consumer mindset on the performance of electric cars.


From automotive to aviation, security to unified communications

For the last three decades, our relentless innovation has made Panasonic the world’s number one patent producer. We are now resolving the most challenging business problems through connected, intelligent technology solutions.

This has enabled us to be recognised as the leader in B2B solutions and a creator of industrial products that play a vital role in logistics, factory automation, public services, entertainment, distribution food services and avionics.

Our inflight entertainment systems allow half a billion passengers every year to watch films, make calls and connect to the internet while in the air, which is bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘cloud services’. And, our security solutions are helping to create a safer environment for sport and entertainment; the Sochi Winter Olympics was recognised as the best protected games in history.


“The result is business freedom”

But our role goes beyond just being a supplier of hardware and software. We are proud to be collaborative partners with our B2B customers, working together to build customised, intelligent technology solutions that meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing business world. The result is business freedom - we allow our customers to focus on growing their business, safe in the knowledge that their technology challenges are being taken care of.

The most common way of doing business is for someone to present the customer with a system and let them work out how it will best work for their problem. We do the opposite: we start by analysing the problem profile and engage further to fully understand the root causes, before developing the solution to solve it.

Technological needs are evolving at such a rapid pace in all walks of a life. It means that many of our customers are no longer looking for transactional based suppliers. Rather, they are selectively choosing consultative partners who add the most value throughout the B2B buying journey.

Our value is built upon our unique position of having technology excellence across both consumer electronics and business applications, and a shared understanding of the type of challenges that our business customers face in the consumer market.


Creating bespoke financial solutions

Over the years, this expertise and insight has enabled us to develop a wide range of bespoke business solutions that address not only technological problems but also the unique financial challenges and priorities of our B2B customers.

These bespoke solutions offer a complete managed service solution for Panasonic hardware, software, connectivity, and third party products, delivered with outstanding engineering, services and project management for the whole of life term and the ability to extend, adapt and migrate to new technology as new business challenges emerge.

We are committed to creating a Better Life and a Better World for our customers, and as we look toward our Centennial Anniversary in 2018, our credible B2B strategic solutions will play an essential role in achieving this. 


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