Antonio Decaro explains, “The issue of urban safety is one shared by all metropolitan areas. This is a complex and tricky subject which has to be addressed from several angles, one of which is monitoring the overseeing of public spaces. This is an important factor to consider to ensure the safety of citizens. From this point of view, fitting a modern CCTV system such as the one we have chosen, gives us access to extremely high-quality images which are remarkably effective in terms of dealing with criminal activities.”

Decaro continues, “There is no point having a CCTV system providing image data, which is useless for investigating crime due to faces being unrecognisable. So when we designed the new CCTV system for Bari, the metropolitan area for which I am the mayor, we chose 4K resolution, sharing with the Armed Forces, the Municipal and State police forces, the locations and sensitive targets around the city area.”

CCTV and Metropolitan Cities

Finding a CCTV system which managed to be highly reliable in operation, and high quality of video recording, was always going to be a tough challenge. The extent of the installed equipment across the whole of the city of Bari, sixth largest metropolitan region in Italy with around 1,300,000 inhabitants; results in the complexity significantly increasing.

Through the work of a very effective team and Panasonic’s cutting-edge tool; WX-SPV781L true 4K video camera network, the City of Bari has designed a large-scale CCTV system to meet new and emergent demands for monitoring and safety as they arise. The City of Bari is the contracting body: the public call to tender, to the value of 950,000 Euro, was won by OnLiCom Srl from Corato and by ETT Snc from Trani; Electronic's Time Srl, a Panasonic partner, who supplied the 4K cameras. 

Solution shared with teamwork

The idea of equipping the city of Bari with the latest CCTV technology, arose from an acute need of supervising the urban areas promptly and efficiently, as well as the upcoming international G7 Finance Ministers event, to be held in Bari from 11th to 13th May.

“Teamwork by two departments of Bari's local authority, the IT infrastructure department to which I belong, and the Municipal Police led to this realisation,” explains the engineer Antonio Gallucci, Technical Director responsible for planning for the City of Bari and the project’s designer. “With Dr Giambattista Quaranta - IT manager for the Bari Municipal Police, we developed a project to meet the requirements of Mayor Antonio Decaro, with each one contributing their own skills and experience. The choice of sites where the cameras would be installed was based on local knowledge, not on the simple need or demand of any one citizen. Therefore, we arranged a meeting with the Armed Forces and the State Police to make a joint decision on the most sensitive sites. The City of Bari has installed a CCTV system, applying the various situations specified in the standards, where the Municipal Police force alone, in its capacity as the police authority, carries out the work of checking the CCTV system. So the municipal authorities can view the images, but the Municipal Police actually manages them to ensure privacy and to avoid possible abuse.”