Gemba Process Innovation

The Gemba Process Innovation for Logistics

Companies are facing massive disruption in their business triggered by a whole range of emerging trends and technologies. Social trends such as work shortages and life style changes; and technological advances such as artificial intelligence, intelligent edge devices and the explosion of e-commerce.

Faced with this rapidly shifting landscape, companies need to optimise the flow of information from things and people at their operational fronts. Panasonic’s Gemba Process Innovation offering pulls on over 100 years’ experience innovating and adapting to the ever-changing requirements of our markets.

What does this mean? Gemba is the physical site where things happen, in Japanese the word literally means “the actual place”. Gemba Process Innovation draws on all Panasonic’s business, technology and solutions know-how to help customers innovate their processes in logistics.

Panasonic provides solutions for our customers that are designed to optimise the ‘Gemba’.

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