Cloud-based business analytics for customer insight and smarter decision making

Cloud-based business analytics for customer insight and smarter decision making

The modern physical retail environment is full of fresh challenges.

Competition from e-commerce and changing customer expectations mean that stores need to optimise every layout, every promotion, every operational process and every interaction.

The key to achieving this? Understanding customer behaviour.

Panasonic’s Vieureka platform and compatible IoT cameras offer powerful in-store analytics and behavioural insights, helping you to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

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A bird’s-eye view of customer behaviour

  • Demographics – age, gender, and more
  • Time spent in the vicinity
  • Most popular times for customer visits
  • Degrees of attraction and dwell time – areas of your store that receive the most footfall, and length of time visited
  • Routes taken around the shop floor
  • Monitor specific departments and areas, or the whole store
  • Use across single or multiple locations.
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Preserving customer privacy

Vieureka cameras analyse an image internally, and then discard it – leaving only the metadata. No personal information is shared or stored, giving due consideration to a customer’s privacy, and fully complying with GDPR standards.

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Know your customer

Gain a deeper understanding of customer demographics including age and gender. Determine the number of visitors and analyse where and how they spend their time while in your store.

Maximise revenue

Use heatmapping, gender/age and direction of flow analytics to allocate promotional areas and adjust your product range. Ensuring the relevant promotions catch the eye, and wallet, of the customer.

Protect privacy, health and safety

Protecting the health, safety… and privacy… of those in your store is paramount. Having real-time visibility of activity enables you to ensure there is sufficient room for staff operations, reduce congestion at the checkout and allow free movement around the store. All while remaining GDPR-compliant, as no customer image is captured or stored.

What do shoppers really want? Now you can find out.

Delivering exceptional service means truly understanding your customers. It means recognising what they want, and what they don’t. It means being aware of how they shop, how often…and for how long.

And It means adapting your store, and your offering, based on these insights.

Optimise shop floor design

Vieureka heatmap, people-flow and dwell time analytics help you determine how to optimise space for increased profitability and a superior customer experience.

Enhance customer service

Get quantifiable insight to assist efficient allocation of resources. Ensuring your promotions and staff are in the right place at the right time, whenever your customer needs them.

A better view – anywhere

Vieureka provides valuable real-time actionable insight into in-store behaviour that can help essential decision making. It has a cloud-based, intuitive dashboard, and produces flexible reports based on your requirements – view a department or area, the whole store, and single or multiple locations, remotely.

Intelligent analytics using AI cameras

Gain even more shopper insights to boost operational efficiency, improve health and safety and provide a more relevant experience thanks to flexible yet powerful cameras with AI capabilities.

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