Whilst it’s understandable that GDPR has been getting a lot of airtime recently, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been as much on this other EU directive. It will arguably have a bigger effect, particularly for the rail industry, and require a much more comprehensive approach to information security.


At Panasonic, we are working with retailers across Europe to bring these impactful in-store technologies to reality. Video analytics in particular can play a vital role across three key areas of the Connected Store.


The ‘big data revolution’ signals time for for the rail industry – to become safer, more efficient, and tailored. As with every revolution, be it the French Revolution or the Industrial Revolution, the impact of such a movement brings fundamental changes, challenges opportunities.


The countdown is on. With less than two months before the ambitious legislation comes into effect, GDPR presents potentially the biggest change in data privacy regulations for more than two decades, but how ready is the rail industry?