Video production

  • The perfect HD video production solution for your events, concerts, shows and theatres

    Panasonic has been the leading name in video cameras, recorders, monitors and more for more than 40 years. We’ve earned a reputation for the most reliable, innovative and highest-quality images in the industry. We also offer a host of production-tough solutions for behind-the-scenes: from rugged mobile computers and innovative surveillance equipment on-set, to high-tech, high-capacity printers, scanners and fax machines for the production office. Entertainment professionals count on Panasonic to capture and display their vision for the entire world to see.

    Decades of expertise mean Panasonic provides excellence in professional broadcast systems

    We have a truly end-to-end Broadcast and ProAV range of HD studio and mobile cameras, switchers and mixing desks, and energy efficient monitors.

    Our innovation in the sector is illustrated by the fact that the Panasonic P2HD Series played a pivotal role in the switch to file-based broadcasting and video production workflows, convertible camera systems and energy-efficient LCD monitors – delivering outstanding picture quality.

  • Broadcast and ProAV Range

    Our Broadcast and ProAV range offers some of the industry’s best-performing products. Our AVC-Intra codec complies with the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 international standard, based on advanced motion-image compression technology. This offers broadcast professionals both superb image quality and high compression using an intra-frame compression system.

    Our AVCCAM camera recorders use the AVCHD format for tapeless recording, with high image quality and low bit rates. Featuring twice the compression efficiency of HDV (MPEG-2), the AVCCAM series gives you extended HD recording.

    When it comes to 3D, our integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder combines excellent flexibility, portability and operating ease, and eliminates many of the time-consuming processes common to conventional rig-type camera production.

    Our professional broadcast range offers you a complete end-to-end solution. From HD studio cameras, convertible camera systems and live switchers to HD recorders, HD/SD monitors and energy-efficient LCD monitors.