Telecommunications solutions for the hotel industry

  • Intelligent telecommunications for your hotel

    A long-established provider of hotel-specific communications, Panasonic offers solutions that include hospitality-specific features and tailored applications that enable you to implement advanced business processes. Panasonic communications platforms have been designed to enable third-party applications like call accounting, property management systems and unified messaging to interface with standards-based Panasonic systems.

  • Panasonic: An important solution provider in the market

    Panasonic unified communication solutions come with an exciting array of business intelligence features and applications specifically designed to help hospitality businesses improve the customer experience. Panasonic provides solutions for:

    • Large, resort and multi-site hotels.
    • Short-stay hotels.
    • Guest houses and motels.
    • Nursing homes.

    With our hospitality solutions, business receptionists can manage easy check-in/check-out for guests, generate detailed call record printouts at guest check-out time, as well as setting-up remote wake-up or reminder alarms for guests, offering private voice mail for every guest room, and scheduling automatic mailbox clean-up on guest checkout.

    Built-in solutions provide printed messages, such as room status for housekeeping or mini bar usage for billing. These messages can also be easily incorporated into hotel software applications to generate reports and enhance hotel services.

  • Never miss a call

    Built-in auto attendant makes sure that guests aren’t kept waiting during busy periods. Auto attendant provides your guests with an easy-to-use menu to guide them directly to the required department, leaving your receptionist free to focus on front-desk customers.

    Stay in touch

    DECT wireless mobility can play an important role in an hospitality environment, ensuring that key members of staff never miss calls. For meetings and special events, you can provide customers with a range of handsets to stay in contact with the office and colleagues alike. Have staff moving between different locations? No problem. Special features make sure that all calls can be answered either from a desk, DECT wireless or 3G mobile handset. All with the same number.

  • Save money and reduce costs

    Looking to replace an existing solution? Panasonic systems work with a wide range of IP and digital handset devices, and support migration for four generations of handsets, including basic industry standard analogue. Panasonic solutions are very efficient in power consumption, some consuming over 54% less than previous generations of products.

    Panasonic hotel solutions

    • Cost-effective solution for small, medium and larger hotels.
    • Support for wired, wireless and mobile telephones.
    • Wide range of business handsets.
    • Proven integration with business and hospitality applications.