Surveillance solutions for the public sector

  • Panasonic’s video surveillance imaging technology increases situational awareness of events as they unfold, improves response time during emergencies, and documents evidence that aids in the arrest, investigation and prosecution of criminals. With end-to-end system solutions designed for any platform, Panasonic offers IP, analogue or hybrid video surveillance solutions to meet virtually every performance and budgetary requirement.

    Surveillance and security that protects people and assets

    The safety of customers, staff and assets is an essential part of the risk management in many environments for governments, such as military infrastructures, prisons and public buildings. Whatever you need to protect, we can provide camera technology which helps you not only understand what happened, but also prevent damage or losses, thanks to built-in analytics features. With these analytic options, you receive alarm messages whenever unexpected images are detected, along with visual confirmation for greater intelligence. And you can do all of this on a single site, across multiple buildings or long distances, coordinating countermeasures through your control room.

    Panasonic Network Camera's distinctive quality and flexibility effectively reduce the threat of harassment and violence. Surveillance cameras are commonly used to monitor and ensure appropriate operations, along with safety throughout the facility.

    The i-PRO megapixel network cameras allow precise identification of even the smallest abnormalities. Any number of premises and buildings can be monitored from your headquarters.

    When integrated with intelligent video analysis software, our security solution sounds an alarm or sends an e-mail when unusual situations are detected. i-PRO Management Software enables remote access to video from a number of camera sites.

  • Up to 6,400 cameras can be registered to the system and 256 cameras automatically registered in the encoders. The weather resistant network cameras or cabinets allow 24 hours a day outdoor operation with built-in heater and IP66 rating. And the thermal cameras are built to operate when image capture is usually impossible.

    Panasonic video surveillance equipment, security cameras and mobile video solutions provide compact, high-resolution monitoring to address security concerns and provide situational awareness.

    Body-worn evidence capture - wearable camera

    Wearable cameras are battery-powered cameras that are used to record images while being worn on a human body. Each camera has a fisheye lens that achieves extremely wide angles of view. Images are recorded on the SDHC memory card of the camera.

    The camera offers a 180° wide-angle lens and high-resolution to record the entire party or objects that would be in a camera’s wide-angle view whether they’re at close range or at a distance. They’re rugged and have two different lengths of cable to suit various applications. Design for two pieces allows the battery to be changed without removing the camera from clothing. These camera units and battery also allow you to function in adverse weather conditions, including wind and rain.

    Reduce violence and dangerous incidents

    Panasonic fixed and mobile video surveillance technologies enable correctional facilities to reduce violence, streamline investigations and save on costs, monitoring all areas of a prison while delivering high-quality images in virtually any lighting condition.

  • IP Video Solutions

    The full line-up of Panasonic network cameras provide high-quality monitoring and can easily integrate into your existing network. Offering both custom-configured solutions and pre-engineered, ready-to-install solutions, Panasonic network video systems work together to monitor and control cameras remotely from a private network or over the internet. Delivering customised storage solutions, increased image resolution and superior coverage capabilities, Panasonic IP video solutions help ensure evidence is recorded, documented and never compromised.

    Hybrid Video Solutions

    We understand that many facilities have a long-standing investment in analogue cameras. That’s why Panasonic
    offers a wide range of hybrid products and technologies to make your migration to a networked platform easy and cost-efficient. Beyond covering analogue and IP platforms, they actually enhance system capabilities beyond what’s possible with an analogue infrastructure. Panasonic hybrid capabilities provide more than just an interim solution – they empower your facility to evolve when and how you want it.

    Vandal-resistant cameras

    Available through IP, analogue and hybrid video solutions, Panasonic vandal-resistant cameras are IP66-rated for weather, shock, impact and vandal resistance, making them the perfect video solution for correctional facilities to help prevent against damage stemming from riots, unruly inmates or hazardous environmental conditions.

  • More than security - with video analytics

    Simply seeing what’s happened isn’t enough. With our video analytics integration we can help you prevent damage. To do that, we build in a variety of features that help interpret video footage and inform you when the unexpected occurs.

    As an example, our facial recognition means that unwanted people can be identified and prevented from accessing your premises. Equally, people counting, and age and gender statistics can help you understand who is currently in your facility and identify when they’re in unauthorised areas.

    • Face detection
      Helps you to remove unwanted people from your premises.
    • Age and gender recognition
      Allows you to identify and remove unwanted people in unauthorised areas.
    • Movement detection
      Alerts you to any people in unauthorised areas.
    • Removed objects
      Reduces theft through visual records of where assets were prior to removal.
    • Illegal parking
      Car number plate recognition helps you to identify unregistered cars in parking bays.