Projector and displays and digital signage for military

  • Visual intelligence for more successful meetings and decisions

    Visualising an idea always helps people understand its meaning. But Panasonic’s projectors and displays take visualisation to another level. Whether in a boardroom, meeting room, seminar room, large auditorium, waiting room or even in an event hall, Panasonic can provide any size of projector or screen to fit your requirements. And that ranges from a simple mobile projector up to large video wall, with or without interactivity and whiteboard functionality.


    Panasonic displays deliver crystal-clear images with unmatched brightness and sharpness. With models suitable for indoor and outdoor use, no matter what the weather or climate, our robust professional displays can support a variety of uses and applications, all with a wide range of multi-input terminals which allows high levels of flexibility when connecting external business system products or professional display accessories.

    In your showrooms, you can promote your products with real emotion, using the visual support of a screen with crisp clear images – even in bright rooms. There are a lot of displays in the market produced by a variety of manufacturers, ranging from consumer TVs to lower-cost versions and high-spec professional models. And the differences in digital signage, such as their reliability and visibility, are directly connected to business performance. So be sure to choose a professional model that’s suited to your digital signage needs and the behaviour of your customers.

  • Projectors

    Projectors are often deployed in seminar halls and meeting rooms. For either setting, Panasonic has a huge range of professional projectors, including fixed installation and portable models. Whatever you want to project, our technology delivers the very best imagery. Also, in terms of installation costs, maintenance and power consumption, our projectors are in a class of their own. Our lamp-free projectors can run for 20,000 hours without needing a new lamp. And the installation process is another unique advantage. Using our Digital Link technology, you don’t need expensive video cabling. Instead, we can provide video and audio over a regular LAN cable to your projectors and displays, reducing your installation costs drastically.

    Display advertising and special promotions or information

    Panasonic’s visual solutions, such as displays, video walls or projectors are the ideal way to create engaging, captivating and persuasive messaging to visitors in your public areas, waiting rooms or at events – indoors or outdoors. Able to be managed remotely, in real time through easy-to-use tools, they provide an informative, ever-changing atmosphere.

    Interactive screens with gesture control to create engaging experiences

    Interact with your visitors and customers with a new immersive visual experience. Able to be controlled and engaged with by visitors, Panasonic offers interactive display solutions that truly involve your audiences. Whether you’d simply like to provide an interactive information screen with touch sensor or an enhanced display with gesture control, it can be provided by Panasonic display technology.

  • Automatic interaction with your visitors or troops

    Imagine being able interact visually with your personnel or troops. That’s no problem with our video-based people recognition. We can we can distinguish the number, gender or age of a person in front of a screen. Based on the visitor, it’s possible to change the content of the screen or the questions being asked.

    Content distribution solution

    Depending on the requirement, the screen content can be built and distributed locally or, for complex signage solutions, designed for multiple locations. To do this, many displays and projectors are all managed centrally by a small team of operators for content distribution and remote management. These solutions run from a central location supporting multiple screens from a single user interface.