Mobile computing solutions for military

  • Army

    Whether it’s intelligence, maintenance, medical or tactical communications solutions, Panasonic solutions stand up to the most demanding conditions. Behind the lines and in the trenches, Toughbook laptops and tablets perform up to the highest military standards with customisable solutions required to assure you're battle-ready. And when it comes to behind-the-scenes operations, you can count on our full range of products to provide support that’s reliable and integrated.

    Navy and marine corps

    When efficiency is a requirement, TOUGHBOOK offer service personnel the capacity to perform anywhere operations take them. But that’s not all. From managing projects, to maintaining databases, from video surveillance capture, to communications, Panasonic has the solution you can count on.

    Air force

    Aviation applications present a particularly demanding set of conditions that are filled perfectly by TOUGHBOOK devices. Whether it’s flightline maintenance, bombing runs or battlefield monitoring, Toughbook mobile computers are the ideal co-pilot on any mission. What’s more, a variety of on-ground solutions integrate seamlessly for powerful and efficient operations at any altitude.

    In-vehicle solutions

    Government agencies, including the armed forces, require dependable communications capabilities and uninterrupted access to mission-critical data. Mounted, in-vehicle Panasonic TOUGHBOOK help officials perform more efficiently while on the go.

  • Maintenance solutions

    Rugged mobility improves efficiency in government and military service and maintenance operations. Manuals, parts lists and schematics can be quickly and easily accessed wirelessly using TOUGHBOOK, greatly enhancing aircraft and vehicle repair capacity.

    Military command centre solutions

    Information control and speed of communication have never been more important. These Panasonic solutions allow consolidation and collaboration to military command personnel when it counts the most.

    Screen visibility
    Working in the field means screen visibility in sunlight can be a serious obstacle. TOUGHBOOK come equipped with cutting-edge display technology for brilliant presentation under direct sunlight and background illumination for working at night.

    Integrated HSPA, GPS and other application-specific module options. They make even the smallest form factor TOUGHBOOK devices the mobile multifunctional tool for the most demanding working conditions.

    Even our smallest machines meet the challenges of field working in your sector. Take the Toughbook ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) CF-U1. At 1,060 grams, the unit can withstand falls from 120 cm. What’s more, some of our models are up to IP65 compliant for dust and moisture resistance.

    No Power Access
    TOUGHBOOK devices have a newly designed battery and specially adapted power management system. This allows all-day working from a single battery charge.