Mobile computing for utilities

  • Integrating Panasonic’s suite of products into your utilities operation will empower you with durable, reliable tools to surpass customer expectations for superior service and performance.

    Automated meter reading solutions

    TOUGHBOOK mobile computers and tablets solutions advance meter-reading capabilities and allow for faster and more accurate data collection, as well as real-time wireless transfer of data back to headquarters — all without technicians needing to leave their vehicles.

    A TOUGHBOOK with mobile broadband wireless provides utility companies with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) capabilities and makes manual meter reading a thing of the past. This results in operational efficiencies, including time, safety and expenses.

    Paper-based meter readings are time and labour-intensive, and often increase the likelihood of errors. Technicians must walk from house to house to record the meter readings by hand on a clipboard, and often require multiple attempts to gain access to meters. These readings must then be entered into the utility's database, wasting more time and further increasing total overhead.

    Automated Meter Reading (AMR) saves time and reduces effort by allowing technicians to conduct wireless meter readings as they walk or drive by homes without having to access the meters directly. With rugged Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers, specialised software and external antennas installed on vehicles, readings from meters equipped with register transmitters are collected automatically.

  • Outage management solutions

    When disaster strikes, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK mobile computers allow utility companies to respond quickly, dispatching crews to an outage, while providing quick and easy access to maps, specs, work orders or service manuals. Toughbook laptops offer the durability, mobility and reliable wireless connectivity utilities require to restore service quickly.

    For utility companies, outages can mean lost revenue, a potential public relations nightmare and possible regulatory action. TOUGHBOOK, running utility-specific software, can mitigate outage issues and help restore service sooner.

    Storms, fires, earthquakes and accidents often lead to utility outages. It is under these already-trying conditions that utilities must locate the source of the outage as quickly as possible, and dispatch crews to restore service. Emergency crews need immediate access to maps, specs and repair manuals, as well as a steady connection with the home office. Subjected to harsh environmental elements, the crews' mobile computer equipment will be tossed, splashed, rained on and dropped — yet must remain up and running.

  • When every second counts and failure is not an option, many utilities depend on TOUGHBOOK to tackle the most urgent outage management projects and deliver crucial connectivity. Mobile broadband wireless-enabled Panasonic Toughbook laptops, using software designed for utilities, provide the maps, service manuals, and other mission-critical information crews need to restore utility service. Toughbook mobile computers can take the physical abuse, wet weather, heat and cold, and still keep running with bright displays that are visible even in direct sunlight. That means utilities can restore service faster and more efficiently. Less downtime translates to lower labour costs, enhanced profitability, higher customer satisfaction and better public relations.

    Plant management and maintenance solutions

    Plant management and maintenance requires continuous attention to ensure uninterrupted service. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices give managers and maintenance crews real-time access to equipment status, schematics, work histories and repair manuals so they can deliver the quality service customers expect.

    Preventing outages and equipment failures requires constant maintenance of the utility company's plants, above-ground and below-ground sub stations and transformers. TOUGHBOOK make plant management and maintenance more efficient by allowing technicians to easily schedule inspections and repairs, update service records, look up equipment history and access service manuals on-site or on the go.

    Plant management and maintenance calls for ongoing inspections, repairs, and updates throughout the utility company's infrastructure. Technicians and managers who use desktop computers to schedule and conduct maintenance are at a disadvantage because it requires them to return to their desk to update service records, access schematics, or look up schedules. It also requires technicians to print documents and carry it with them which wastes even more time and resources.

  • Screen visibility
    Working in the field means screen visibility in sunlight can be a serious obstacle. TOUGHBOOK come equipped with cutting-edge display technology for brilliant presentation under direct sunlight and background illumination for working at night.

    Integrated HSPA, GPS and other application-specific module options. They make even the smallest form factor Toughbook the mobile multifunctional tool for the most demanding working conditions.

    Even our smallest machines meet the challenges of field working in the construction sector. Take the Toughbook ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) CF-U1. At 1060 grams, the unit can withstand falls from 120 cm. What’s more, some of our models are up to IP65 compliant for dust and moisture resistance

    No power access
    TOUGHBOOK devices have a newly designed battery and specially adapted power management system. This allows up to 8 hours of running time from a single battery charge.