Mobile computing for leisure

  • Unlock the future of mobile working

    In today’s hospitality and leisure environments, customers are always on the move. To ensure you keep up with their needs, we keep up with your needs. Whether presenting customer-facing product choices, in-store promotions, queue busting, or convenient and efficient customer payment, TOUGHBOOK offer a reliable, economical choice to help optimise service while increasing average sales.

    Allowing you to service more customers on the move, Panasonic tablet PCs offer an efficient solution for inventory management and maximum in-store mobility. Adding even more value to customer relationship solutions, Panasonic offers a variety of customer engagement applications that can be accessed directly on the TOUGHBOOK, such as same-day offers and loyalty programs. And with extensive application partners and hardware accessories, there’s no limit to how far TOUGHBOOK mobile solutions can take your business.

  • Mobile POS

    Panasonic TOUGHBOOK tablets and accessories can create industry-leading POS technology in truly mobile solutions that meet your needs. Durable, lightweight and with long battery life, TOUGHBOOK devices are designed for mobile POS and assisted selling to utilise the latest payment processing and barcode scanning technologies – offering quicker and more efficient customer service with the ability to check inventory, read gift cards and more all from the sales floor.

    Plus, with wireless features such as optional Gobi™ 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology, employees have the ability to securely connect both inside and outside the extended retail location. A variety of TOUGHBOOK mounting and docking options allow you to utilise the same hardware for stationary POS at a counter or a handheld option on the retail floor.

  • For hospitality

    The fast pace of the hospitality industry requires mobile computing solutions that are reliable and can operate in the most demanding environments. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK mobile computers and tablets meet this challenge, delivering integrated mobile broadband technology and extreme durability all at an overall lower TCO. Both can run industry-specific software to help hotels and resorts improve operations and deliver a better experience for guests.


    • Daylight readable screen for easy order taking — even outside
    • Ultra-rugged design for use by maintenance crews, housekeeping, waiting staff
    • Can be used for mobile concierge and check-in applications