Medical-grade cameras and recorders

  • Our Full HD operating room recording systems can be used for the documentation of various medical procedures, as well as distance learning, education and medical training. The camera modules are made for a countless range of video applications, while our micro cameras achieve extremely high resolution, the purest colour reproduction, impressive accuracy and extremely small camera head dimensions.

    The Full HD operating room recording system enables surgeons, nurses and anaesthesiologists to view colour-accurate surgical images, even in the bright-light conditions of the operating room. A medical-grade camera head can attach to provide exceptional detail and image stabilisation. Other medical-grade camera systems include HD remote camera heads and HD microscope cameras that can be used to document a wide variety of medical applications.

    Industrial Medical Vision micro-cameras

    For the sharpest, purest colour images available, choose compact, lightweight remote head cameras and HD camera control units from Panasonic. They’re ideal for applications that require vivid imagery such as microscopy, industrial endoscopy, specialty broadcast, underwater and special effects.

  • Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision micro-cameras are lightweight, flexible, high-performance ‘third eyes’. Despite the camera heads being extremely small in size and very light sensitive, they deliver high-quality Full HD video.

    Our selection of cameras in this range makes it easier than ever to examine images in greater detail with flip, rotate, mirror, digital-zoom and freeze-frame capabilities, and continued sensor refinements. While a multi-format, multi-output interface ensures maximum compatibility and ease of operation.


    • Ophthalmology
    • Head mounted camera
    • Neurosurgery
    • Microscope
    • Industrial inspections
    • Pathology lab
    • ENT
  • Medical OP cameras and recorder systems

    Panasonic OP camera and recording systems brings high-quality Full HD images to a wide variety of video documentation, distance learning, education and medical training. The systems also comply with medical electrical equipment standards. The range includes a variety of systems offering compact and lightweight products, with good colour accuracy, easy operation and affordable low-cost recording media.