Interactive learning

  • Technology that fuels interactive learning

    From small classrooms and lecture halls, to auditoriums and theatres, Panasonic has a wide range of interactive projectors, Panaboards and displays that transform static presentations and lectures into multimedia, collaborative experiences that give students the keys to their own learning.

    Collaborate in high definition

    Panasonic interactive displays give teachers and lecturers the power to create visually rich, interactive presentations that engage students in crystal-clear HD video.

    Up to four teachers and students can work directly on the display. They can make notes, zoom, walk through presentations, even draw. When everyone is finished, capturing the work is as easy as emailing it to the class. Collaboration can extend beyond the display, and even the classroom. Students can broadcast images and presentations from their tablets or PCs wirelessly from inside the room or via ethernet if they’re based in a
    different campus.

    Projectors that enable sharing ideas

    New interactive projectors that use infrared technology to provide the same capabilities as whiteboards are increasingly popular. Instructors and students use interactive pens to write on the projected image and then store notes or figures in a computer. Collaborative tools, such as Wireless Manager, enable students to transmit their work from their laptop onto the screen for easy viewing and classroom discussion.

  • Mobile computing - the next wave in personalised learning

    Personal devices facilitate personalised learning. But finding electronic devices that can withstand the drops, bumps, knocks and spills that are part of being a child? That narrows the choices to TOUGHBOOK.
    The back and forth, storage and removal, and constant movement of both one-to-one and group-based computing devices is very hard on electronics. Standard, non-rugged laptop and tablet computers easily succumb to typical classroom abuse, requiring costly repairs and lengthy downtime.

    TOUGHBOOK also serves as an excellent classroom management device, allowing teachers the freedom to control other classroom technology, including each one-to-one device, from their tablet. The durability and reliability of TOUGHBOOK mean minimal downtime and an excellent, long-term return on investment (ROI). Educators can rest assured that these rugged mobile computers and tablets will be more than a match for the rigours of the classroom.

    Highlights of Panasonic Interactivity

    • Multiple writing with different colours and thicknesses
    • Mouse operation by pen to switch teaching materials
    • Wireless transmission from iOS devices diversifies teaching materials