Digital Signage for retail

  • Display advertising and special promotions

    Panasonic’s display solutions are the ideal way to create engaging, captivating and persuasive messaging to visitors to your stores. Able to be managed remotely, in real time, they provide an informative, ever-changing atmosphere within your retail environment to increase the visibility of your products and special offers.

    Interactive screens with gesture control to create engaging promotions

    Interact with your passengers and customers with a new immersive visual experience. Able to be controlled and engaged with by visitors to your stores, Panasonic offers interactive display solutions that truly involve your customers. Whether you’d simply like to provide an interactive information screen with touch sensor or an enhanced display with gesture control, it can be provided by Panasonic display technology, whether that’s a small screen or large-format Video wall.

  • Automatic interaction with your customers

    Imagine being able to provide a targeted promotion to a specific person. That’s no problem with our video-based people recognition. We can we can distinguish the number, gender or age of a person in front of a screen. Based on the visitor, it’s possible to change the content of the screen.

    Basic signage solution

    Designed typically for a single location, with a limited number of screens and managed locally by a single user for on-demand content or traditional playlist updates, this solution eliminates the expense of a server-based solution. This robust content management system is as powerful as most server-based solutions. In addition, industry-leading content management software can be upgraded to a server-based/hosted solution with a few mouse clicks and is fully compatible with existing hardware (so no additional hardware expense) as network needs grow and evolve.

  • Complex signage solution

    Designed for multiple locations, many displays and projectors are all managed centrally by a small team of operators for content distribution and remote management. These solutions run from a central location supporting multiple screens from a single user interface.

    Your single-source provider for integrated end-to-end solutions

    Panasonic offers a wide range of digital signage solutions, from all-inclusive bundled solutions for simple deployments of one or two displays, to custom-designed enterprise networks comprising hundreds of locations, thousands of displays — all designed to maximise your ROI.
    No matter what your messaging objectives, Panasonic provides the world-class hardware, software, installation and support to achieve your goals. We are uniquely qualified — with our network of best-in-breed products and services — to deliver greater efficiencies, true scalability and unmatched value for the planning, deployment and ongoing operation of your digital signage system.

  • The Panasonic difference — full system accountability and warranty

    For large, custom-designed enterprise networks, Panasonic digital signage solutions have a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact with full responsibility for your system. Help is available 24/7/365 via the internet and a dedicated hotline to ensure performance of every component in your digital signage network.
    Dedicated technicians provide remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, along with remote rebooting and repair capabilities. There is onsite technical troubleshooting for repair/replacement and swap service. Panasonic offers warranties with all equipment and software — including all third-party elements — for total accountability and mission-critical support.