Digital signage for leisure

  • Advanced digital signage technology that reaches every customer

    From in-store advertising and promotions to wayfinding and interactive kiosks, retailers, museums, theatres, casinos, hotels and restaurants are leveraging Panasonic digital signage for cutting-edge marketing and branding. Panasonic offers a wide range of professional displays, including ultra-thin bezel models that create breathtaking video walls for an unmatched customer experience. From all-inclusive bundled solutions for simple deployments to custom-designed enterprise networks comprising of hundreds of locations, Panasonic designs digital signage solutions that increase customer engagement and maximise your ROI.

  • As a world leader in professional HD displays, Panasonic offers an array of end-to-end digital signage solutions for in-store advertising and promotions, using both professional displays and projectors that grab your customers’ attention the moment they walk through the door. From digital advertisements tied to POS software systems to customised networked programming, Panasonic can help you communicate with your customers to ensure maximum results and increased profits. Whether it’s promotional messages to showcase your new spring line or custom programming that lets you sell screen time to third-party advertisers, Panasonic has the answer.

    Enterprise-class digital signage platforms, including hardware, software and support from Panasonic, are designed to engage the consumer and enhance the customer experience. Promotional displays integrated into POS transactions and surveillance analytics can change promotional items and pricing based on inventory levels, time of day or customer traffic patterns. Messaging can be changed on-site via a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK or remotely from a monitoring centre across multiple locations.

  • Broadcast original content and advertising in-store to further engage your customers and to enhance the shopping experience. Plus, interactive displays with built-in touch screen are the perfect tool for wayfinding within retail locations. In addition, a touchscreen display can be used as an interactive information kiosk or POP displays.

    With experience designing, installing, monitoring and managing retail digital signage deployments nationwide, Panasonic can design and deploy a network that fits perfectly into the daily operations of any store or retail chain. Let us show you how Panasonic digital signage can provide rapid, measurable ROI, while reducing costs, driving higher sales and improving customer and visitor experience.

    Facial matching identifies sales opportunities

    Facial matching technology identifies and analyses certain feature points of a customer’s face to estimate a person’s age and gender and record and predict menu choices. This marketing information, among other things, allows companies to customise menus based on such factors as seasonality and demographics. It can help determine promotion offers and predict success rates.

  • Why choose a Panasonic display for digital signage?

    There are a lot of displays in the market produced by a variety of manufacturers, ranging from consumer TVs to lower-cost versions and high-spec professional models. Differences in digital signage, such as their reliability and visibility, are directly connected to business performance. Be sure to choose a professional model that is suited to your digital signage application.


    This is the most important display requirement. Digital signage must be capable of displaying images under a wide range of harsh conditions, such as continuous 24/7 operation. Panasonic's professional displays include various models that cope with difficult usage conditions.


    Digital signage is viewed from the front and both sides. It is also often installed in bright places. Panasonic displays use an LED backlight and IPS Panel to provide beautiful images in various installation locations.


    Panasonic's professional displays can be installed either horizontally or vertically. They also link easily to other devices, and make it easy to transmit data and display complex images from distant places. They make possible many things that simply were not possible before, providing solutions for user needs.

  • Your single-source provider for integrated end-to-end solutions

    Panasonic offers a wide range of digital signage solutions, from all-inclusive bundled solutions for simple deployments of one or two displays, to custom-designed enterprise networks comprising hundreds of locations, thousands of displays — all designed to maximise your ROI. No matter what your messaging objectives, Panasonic provides the world-class hardware, software, installation and support to achieve your goals. We are uniquely qualified — with our network of best-in-breed products and services — to deliver greater efficiencies, true scalability and unmatched value for the planning, deployment and ongoing operation of your digital signage system.

  • The Panasonic difference - full system accountability and warranty

    For large, custom-designed enterprise networks, Panasonic digital signage solutions have a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact with full responsibility for your system. Help is available 24/7/365 via the Web and a dedicated hotline to ensure performance of every component in your digital signage network. Dedicated technicians provide remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, along with remote rebooting and repair capabilities. There is onsite technical troubleshooting for repair/replacement and swap service. Panasonic warrants all equipment and software — including all third-party elements — for total accountability and mission-critical support.

    • Displays - Covering HD LCD indoor and outdoor screens, large and standard-sized formats, Video walls and plasma screens, our range of professional displays deliver unmatched sharpness and brightness, whatever the application.
    • Video walls - With unbelievable image clarity, high brightness and wide viewing angles, our Video wall technology is perfect for creating unforgettable displays in exhibitions, events and public areas.
    • Outdoor screens - Perfect for displaying visitor and venue information in outdoor settings, Panasonic outdoor screens have the durability to withstand adverse weather conditions and the capability to provide clear images, even in bright sunlight.
    • Projectors - Whether you’re looking for high-brightness, high-resolution projectors that can handle large venue displays, or a video projector that can project within a small space, Panasonic covers the entire spectrum and offers the broadest range of projectors on the market.
    • Security cameras - Including network cameras, equipped for cutting-edge face detection and 360-degree coverage, to high-performing Full HD network video recorders, and network encoders and decoders, our IP security technology provides complete security for your business.
    • TOUGHBOOK tablets - Whether used as a mobile customer service tool, or as a technology control device inside your premises, TOUGHBOOK tablets have the performance, durability and connectivity to meet every requirement of your business.