Vertical Solutions

The freedom to find the right solutions

Our aim is to improve you and your customers’ lives. That commitment extends to the service we provide. And we are always optimising our processes to make working with us as easy and rewarding as possible. We never compromise on quality. We pride ourselves on rigorous manufacturing standards and we reinvest 6% of our total revenue into R&D – to ensure our innovation continues and evolves with your business. With a heritage that stretches back over 100 years, we have a proven passion for innovation in business problem-solving. Listening to our customers helps us create the integrated business solutions you need to get maximum efficiency and productivity from your unique environment. That is the Panasonic system.

The freedom to keep things moving

The transport industry is becoming increasingly competitive with passenger numbers and digitalisation on the rise. We believe technology is a critical component of the solutions for these challenges. Panasonic’s transport technology is hard at work, creating greater efficiency, simplified, more intelligent management and safer, better-optimised processes.

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Learning without limits

Digitalisation has opened up tremendous opportunities for the way we learn, interact and work. Within education, digital transformation plays a pivotal role in delivering an interactive and engaging learning experience. Equally important is ensuring their safety and security at all times. Our integrated solutions can help you do both. From rugged mobile computers and tablets for faculty and staff, to short-throw and large-format projectors, classroom audio solutions, professional AV equipment and surveillance systems, our technology can help you set new standards in education.

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Be free to connect with more customers

The modern retail environment is full of challenges. Besides staff and customer safety, and the prevention against theft and fraud, retailers find themselves confronted with strict regulations on privacy and data protection. On top of this, competition from e-commerce and increasing fixed costs result in sluggish growth and eroding margins. The ability to capture and understand customers’ behaviour and meet their demands is essential. Panasonic Business allows stores to become connected, dynamic environments that can identify, understand, serve and communicate with customers.

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The freedom to deliver

From your warehouse to the customer’s door, Panasonic solutions can help you achieve greater efficiency and more streamlined management of your entire logistics business. From intelligent parcel tracking and enhanced security to warehouse automation and advanced parcel sorting – they’re all achievable with our technology.

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