Panasonic at Mobile World Congress 2017

Panasonic Business will introduce its connected airport concept at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, showcasing a suite of intelligent technology solutions for the first time in Europe.




Panasonic Booth 6H31, Hall 6 (Barcelona, Spain)

The 120m2 booth features technology for retail, car rental, communications, security, logistics and ground handling and brings together the automotive, business technology, industrial and eco solutions divisions within Panasonic. 

Retail and concourse

One-to-one customer engagement in public spaces

Engage over 100 customers simultaneously as they travel with one-to-one information from display panels and LED lighting to their smartphone, with Panasonic Link Ray.

Make store windows visually engaging

Double the effective size of your store front and create spectacular customer spectacles to pull in shoppers using our transparent screen solution.

Complete customer engagements anywhere

Improve retail efficiency using Panasonic Toughpad terminals that allow your staff to engage customers in store, access product details and accept payment, using one device.

100% reliable public information projection

Panasonic CARES M2M remote monitoring works over 3G and 4G data networks to ensure your Panasonic projectors are always operational.

Stream advertising video to many screens

Stream a single video to one or many devices, all with different bandwidths and screen resolutions, with our multi-video streaming that allows the right material to be seen by the right people, quickly.

Car Rental

Online, connected vehicles

Connect your vehicle to the internet, road infrastructure and car manufacturer's service centre with Ficosa.

Work with your applications online, outdoors, in any conditions

Panasonic Toughpad ruggedised tablet computers allow vehicle inspectors to access their application in any conditions, enhancing productivity and customer experience.

Ground handling

Track and optimise mobile assets

Panasonic Media Track allows organisations to track and optimise the deployment of mobile assets such as baggage containers, trolleys and wagons.




Private, high-speed communications for emergency services and ground operations

Communicate high volumes of data or voice securely across large sites, such as airports, without using public networks, thanks to our LTE/5G metropolitan area and multi-hop HD-PLC

Off-grid base stations

The Panasonic Green Tower is an autonomous wireless network base station that can operate off or on grid (or a combination), using solar and wind renewable energy combined with lithium-ion batteries, allied to intelligent software.


Secure public places automatically

Protect public spaces, visitors and staff by automatically identifying suspicious objects or specific people using Panasonic’s intelligent detection software and security cameras.


Find lost packages quickly and identify causes

Use CCTV cameras and software to find items in minutes and gather visual evidence of how losses happen.

Boost productivity by sharing critical information

Our Parcel Picking Director uses barcode technology to project key parcel information onto parcels themselves, making it viewable by workers at a distance.

Keep vehicles and aircraft compliant

Panasonic's Mobile Management Suite arms drivers and pilots with one application on a rugged Panasonic Toughpad tablet that gives them checklists and visual evidence proving vehicle and aircraft compliance.