Securing the pathway to technology development

Research and technology organisation, the MTC, chooses Panasonic security products and smart technology to improve operational efficiency and ensure site safety

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, UK, is a Research and Technology organisation bridging the gap between academia and industry.

It hosts over 100 industrial members, from SMEs to large OEMs, and over 500 employees. One of the largest public sector investments in UK manufacturing, it is based in Ansty Park and 'aims to inspire Great British manufacturing on the global stage'.

The MTC approached Panasonic System Solutions Europe (PSSEU) to assess its security system which needed updating following a period of sustained growth. In addition, there was a requirement to migrate some of its buildings' CCTV and access control systems on to a single platform.

Efficient monitoring

The MTC had challenges regarding a large number of cameras having to be continuously monitored. The company referred to Panasonic with a requirement for smart technology that would help control cameras across the facility.

Panasonic implemented a smart analytics program that helps automatically identify incidents and allow the security team to efficiently process each alert with full traceability. 

"All the events and alarms can be managed in one central place and, crucially, priority of the alarms is determined by the system."

"Panasonic provided the MTC with an operational control platform," says Colin Bradley, Associate Director and Head of Estates at the MTC. "As a result, all the events and alarms from the various sources can be managed in one central place and, crucially, priority of the alarms is determined by the system. So when we have a high level intruder, that is brought to the top of a queue, and will be handled quickly and efficiently by the operators. 

“With the number of cameras that are now installed on the site it would be impossible to monitor manually."

"Using the operational control platform enables us to view the footage that needs to be viewed, saving time we would have previously spent on monitoring irrelevant recordings,” says Colin Bradley.

Crucially, all the events that are captured by the information control platform are fully auditable. As a result, the MTC gets full traceability of what actions an operator took to deal with each event. The insight into how quickly the events are handled is also a significant aspect for the company. This way, the MTC’s operations became more efficient, saving time as well as money.

Panasonic worked closely with the MTC during site surveys and interviewed numerous  stakeholders within the project, to fully understand their requirements and then build a solution accordingly. “In the past, we have experienced projects such as this that didn’t fully meet the requirements. Panasonic went above and beyond to meet our brief,” added Colin Bradley.

“With the numbers of cameras that are now installed on the site it would be impossible to monitor manually.”

In addition to surveillance cameras, Panasonic delivered an 18 screen control room, a VI server and a PIDS and access control system which is controlled by the single monitoring and control platform.


As the success of the MTC continues to grow, the project will need to expand to ensure site safety requirements are met. "The system we have installed today will be fully supported into the future and can be expanded to meet the ongoing requirements of the site,” explains Colin Bradley.

While the initial project between Panasonic and the MTC was related to security systems, Panasonic has subsequently supplied AV equipment such as projectors and displays as well as a major LED lighting project which helps the MTC reduce its ongoing energy consumption, a crucial factor for the organisation.

Furthermore, when the MTC had ongoing issues with reception staff being unable to process large numbers of visitors, the company referred to Panasonic with a request for smart technology that would solve this issue.

Today, “visitors that come through our doors, be that people from events or visitors to the Research and Development facilities, will first see four Panasonic 4K tablets to register their visit to the site,” adds Colin Bradley, "the net result is that visitors are now handled more quickly and efficiently."