Gemba Kaizen

The Gemba Kaizen approach is a Japanese concept of continuous improvement designed for enhancing processes and reducing waste. The concept’s core objective is operational excellence. 

To achieve this, Gemba Kaizen suggests that even the smallest improvements made by individuals can lead to big overall rewards over time. Not only does this approach drives company efficiency, it also generates other benefits such as workers’ satisfaction and health.

At Panasonic, we have been working with that exact approach in mind when designing our solutions. As an integrated solutions provider, we have become experts in identifying and solving problems logistics providers encounter on a daily basis through a deep understanding of the Gemba Kaizen concept. With our partners, we conduct in-depth analysis, measuring the efficiency of their 

processes. Using our expertise, gathered over 100 years, we then transform that knowledge into ideas for new technologies, leading to long-lasting, sustainable solutions.

Combine this with our reputation of creating some of the most reliable business technology in the world, leading with relentless innovation and providing tireless customer service, and we believe we’ve got all the tools to help you grow your activity, focusing on what you do best.

The Gemba Kaizen approach has been used in our own factories for decades. It was used to develop every solution we provide such as the Visual Sort Assist, a system designed to reduce stress levels for staff sorting parcels as well as increase speed and reduce errors.



Similarly, we used the same techniques to develop IoT devices that study workers’ behaviour and movements, helping them to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary movements. Another example is the HOSPI robot, developed with the Kaizen approach in mind, so your customers can receive the same level of service whilst your workers better utilise their skills performing other, more rewarding, tasks.