RETAIL: Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labeling for Retail

A strategic weapon for retailers

Connected via radio frequency to a price management software, Jeegy S, in-store or in the cloud, our ESLs mean prices can be changed in real-time giving the retailer a decisive advantage. SES-imagotag has a radio communication platform, MultiCom infrastructure, (ESL, Wi-Fi, NFC , BLE ) compatible with all display technologies (LCD,TFT, E-paper). This truly groundbreaking all-in-one solution is perfect for anyone looking for a simple solution to manage and control all their services connected to Wi-Fi and electronic labels. This flexibility offers retailers the best of both worlds. It is able to offer shelf edge automation processes (dynamic pricing, stock and inventory management) and innovative new contactless marketing services such as self-scan to pay, geolocation, customer identification and targeted offers in real time.

Our electronic shelf labels


E-Tag B

G-Tag S


The nerve center of the electronic labeling solution

The nerve center of the electronic labeling solution, Jeegy S is an intuitive, scalable, modular software platform designed to address the challenges facing retailers today. Taking a holistic approach, this platform is not simply confined to in-store price management and synchronization. Rather, it makes it possible to use all available data sources which carry meaning for our customers, with a view to helping them increase their sales, lower their costs and better secure the loyalty of their own shoppers.

Depending on how it is configured, Jeegy S operationalizes the use of data related to product locations, purchase history, customer loyalty, stock levels and conversion rates, etc. In other words, it puts as much information as possible that can be used to refine pricing and marketing strategies at the retailer’s fingertips. Jeegy S is more than just a software platform used to drive a wide range of digital, dynamic and interactive displays. Jeegy S is the cornerstone of the SES-imagotag solution. It is linked to our MultiCom infrastructure and offers much more than managing price changes, special offers, product geolocation service and NFC shopping.

Panasonic Electronic Shelf Labels