RETAIL: Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labeling for Retail

A strategic weapon for retailers

Pricing Automation

No more manual changes of paper price tags for you, with a few clicks you can change prices quickly through a centralized software solution. Employees can use the saved time engaging with customers and other value adding tasks.

Store Efficiency

ESL is compliant with other solutions like Out-of-Stock Management or Click & Collect, which makes you store for you and your customers overall a more efficient working and shopping place. A more efficient store, let’s you save money.

Shopper Engagement

Digitalization should not only be happening in your private life, but also in your store. Customers demand a modern, digitalized and easy to handle environment. With ESL you can give your customers more information about the product and use the bigger ESL screens for advertising.


ESL provides you with a planogram of your store. With the help of Geolocating, you can show your employees the quickest way through the store to collect products for a specific customer order. No more time gets waisted by searching for products.

The nerve center of the electronic labeling solution – Jeggy Software

  • Intuitive, scalable and modular software platform

  • Not only for in-store pricing and synchronization

  • Makes it possible to operationalize data related to product location, purchase history, customer loyalty, stock levels and conversion rates, etc. à refine pricing and marketing strategies

  • Jeggy S is the cornerstone of the SES-imagotag solution

  • Offers: managing price, product geolocation and NFC shopping


The newest generation of Electronic Shelf Labels from SES-imagotag have multiple advantages:

  • Extremely thin

  • Ultra-low battery power

  • Diverse fixture solutions

  • Dual radio frequency available

  • Anti-theft System with Easylock®

  • Work in every environment – hot or cold, damp, wet or dusty

  • Modern

Partnership with SES-imagotag

Panasonic and SES imagotag have joined forces to develop connected technology solutions for retail. The first was an Automated Shelf Monitoring (ASM) solution combining Panasonic CCTV, video analytics and the SES digital price tag system to provide real time out of stock detection.