RETAIL: Dynamic Pricing with Electronic Shelf Labels

Essential technology for retailers

How can you make your store more profitable?

“Optimised store” and “Enhanced customer experience” are key words here. Dynamic pricing using Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) can enable bricks and mortar stores to improve in-store operations, customer experience and increase revenue.

Dynamic pricing with ESLs enables pricing to be managed by a central system, updating labels throughout the store in minutes. Time-consuming, manual price changes are eliminated and as the ESLs can be integrated to your store management software, pricing and promotional errors also disappear. Customers and staff are happier.


But, ESLs are so much more than a basic price label, they can act as communication micro hubs for customer information including stock updates, allergy, point of origin and promotional information.

"The system has really improved my store. My staff are more confident working on the tills because they are less worried about any errors between the shop floor price and the till price,"

said Peter Juty, Store Manager, Costcutter, Culverstone

Watch the video to find out more about the ESLs

Panasonic partnering with SES-imagotag to provide connected technology solutions for retail.

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VUSION : Software + Hardware + Sustainable enterprise value

VUSION IoT Cloud platform

The VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform helps retailers to build ultra-efficient stores while enhancing in-store customer experience.

  • Realogram - With computer vision and machine learning, SES-imagotag software is now able to create real-time realograms displaying on-shelf products and their key information: position, price, product name, etc. This precise product allows retailers to re-create their planograms in real-time within seconds, which gives them a very precise information coming from the reality of each shop floor.
  • STUDIO - Manage and display all types of data to empower your marketing department with a quick and easy template designer. Create and define special offers that take place for events, products or available stock… And use the full potential of the VUSION Tags.
  • Single/Multi Store Manager - The most powerful tool for team support. Use one interface to supervise all your stores and monitor them at all levels, from the back office to the infrastructure. It also ensures brand identity and price consistency across all stores and helps retailers in their daily tasks.
  • OPTIPICK - Reduce order preparing time and optimize the path to pick in-store products. Through a digital map and precise product geolocation, take the fastest track, don’t waste time and easily find products thanks to a 180° LED flash blinking on your shelf.
  • Adshelf - Give brand sponsored information at the point of purchase. At the same time, call to action can be added on ESL. It enables retailers and brands to monitor in-store presence, prices and shopper reactions.
  • Storefront - A powerful in-store tool with unique features. If shoppers use the web in a store, they will likely find products that are not available in their local store, or not at the same price. Storefront displays only products that are immediately available, and at the local price for instant satisfaction. Offering a search box dedicated to the shoppers’ local store.

Strength of Vusion hardware

VUSION offers the highest quality electronic price tags hardware solutions in the industry to enable the Retail IoT revolution.

  • 5 year battery life
  • Low power consumption
  • Easylock® guaranteed locked position anti-theft
  • Dual radio
  • Good readability
  • Flexible range
  • Customizable
  • Works in any light conditions
  • Two colour patterns
  • Robust & proven solution