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Helping the customer to always be right

We know that customers’ expectations and shopping habits have evolved in over 100 years. High street retailers have spent the last few years attempting to translate the seamless shopping journeys customers receive in online and app worlds back into the store. How can ESL technology support this seamless experience?

AI in video analytics: what it is and why it matters during and post-COVID

In recent weeks, one thing that keeps cropping up repeatedly when talking to clients is that they want to know how they can deploy technology to make businesses COVID-secure. At the same time, safety guidance is ever-evolving, so any solution has to be flexible. And any investments need to deliver a return even when the pandemic is over.

In particular, I am often asked about AI in video analytics, and how it can contribute in the time of coronavirus – and that is what I want to focus on in this post.

Revitalising Retail in a post-COVID world

As Europe emerges from the pandemic lockdown early signs for the retail industry are that, initially at least, the recovery looks more V-shaped than U-shaped.  This article takes a look closer look at the revitalization of retail in a post-Covid world

Shopping in the COVID age: a whole new ballgame

If you had told me in February that I would not go out to shop for months, I would have never believed you. But it is the reality, and I have yet to return to bricks-and-mortar stores.

Now, as lockdown eases, high streets are looking less like ghost towns.  I was wondering how shopping during the crisis has been for others. This blogs takes a look at shopper sentiment and some measures retailers could implement to reassure customers and entice them back to stores.

PANASONIC APPOINTS HIROYUKI NISHIUMA AS MD OF ITS EUROPEAN B2B OPERATION CZ. Focuses on growth of B2B products and solution business across Europe...
Future Stores webinar: retail in the time of coronavirus
Back in December 2019, Panasonic partnered with WBR Insights to survey 100 heads of retail across Europe. The aim was to find out what challenges they faced in 2020 – and what their priorities and plans would be moving forward.

The Future Stores report did not foresee such a tumultuous start to the 2020s. That said, several of its conclusions remain relevant in post-pandemic retail, though in different ways than we expected.
Getting smart in the race for right-first-time deliveries

Research shows that one-third of all orders during peak season in the UK are either late or incomplete. Even worse, 5% of all online orders fail to make it to the right person or place. But all hope isn’t lost. Smart technology could hold the answer to this costly and damaging problem.

Elements to consider when thinking about the physical Store post Covid-19
The debate about the role of high street stores is not a new thing. There has been a massive decline of store openings vs closure over the last decade.  What will might happen to the role of bricks and mortar stores once lockdown eases?
Panasonic opened their own FamilyMart convenience store
Panasonic opened their own FamilyMart convenience store. Panasonic has worked alongside FamilyMart to open a convenience store in Japan which utilises IoT technologies.

Retail solutions on show to improve in-store experience, security and stock optimisation.

A whole new decade: the changing face of retail

When you think back to 2010, it doesn’t seem all that far away, does it? But over the past decade, many things have changed – and not just in terms of additional wrinkles. The retail industry has changed, too – and really very radically. E-commerce has swept all before it. Amazon, already a force to be reckoned with in 2010, continues to dominate and grow.

What does Gemba Process Improvement mean for retail?

Whenever I mention Gemba Process Innovation (GPI) to a customer, I tend to be met by a blank stare. As this concept is quickly becoming central to the Panasonic philosophy, I thought I would explain what it means and why it has garnered the attention of a number of major retailers. 

GPI is a continuous improvement approach that goes beyond its predecessors, such as kaizen and kata. It leverages Panasonic technology to provide valuable insights into operations.  So why is it needed, now more than ever?

Not just more of the same
Not just more of the same. Continuous improvement, Kaizen, Kata, and Six Sigma are all familiar concepts.
Next Generation Convenience Store Manager: My experience so far
My last two blogs have taken a look at why we, as Panasonic, have opened our own convenience store with FamilyMart. Since then, I have had the opportunity to talk directly to two of my Japanese colleagues who are heavily involved in this project. It was an interesting discussion about their journey to bring this project to life - the challenges, the results and the future.
Panasonic’s Power Assist Suit Adopted by World Para Powerlifting

Panasonic’s Power Assist Suit Adopted by World Para Powerlifting. World Para Powerlifting events to preview deployment for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic...

Panasonic FamilyMart store: Solutions in the store

Why did we open our own store? First and foremost, this is the place to learn and create solutions that embody the next generation convenience store format with FamilyMart through a real life operation.

In this article, I will take a closer look at the kind of solutions being tested there and the benefits they can bring to retailers and their customers.

Panasonic opened their own convenience store

Retail and retailers have been in the news a lot over of the past few years. It is an industry that is evolving to meet the changing demands of the consumer in a digital world. 

As a solutions provider for this industry, we need to ensure that we truly understand the needs of the retailer and how we can solve their challenges.  Obviously, we work in collaboration with our customers to do this, however, we have gone one step further. Panasonic have opened their own convenience store in Japan. You can find the project purpose and detail in this blog.

A smarter way to fight food waste at supermarkets

According to the UN, about 1.3 billion tonnes – a third of all food produced for human consumption – goes to waste every year. While the lion’s share of waste in these countries comes down to consumers, a significant amount comes from supermarkets. It is clear that retailers must play their part in combating this issue. Read the blog to find out what can retailers do to help reduce their food waste?

Bricks-and-mortar: all change

At a recent Panasonic event, we brought together some industry experts for discuss how in-store technology innovation can transform the consumer experience and how shops can maximise their ROI from these new technologies. This blog shares a few key takeaways from the presentation given by Tim Gardner, Head of Creative Partnerships at Retail Week.

Smart-store technologies: the retail situation in Germany


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