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Phone number: +44 (0) 2070226530
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The Future of Security has Arrived - Webinar on AI

Event Date: 
6 November 2020

Are you interested in finding out which benefits AI can bring to your security solutions?


If you are a security professional with special security needs and interest for new technologies or just very keen on finding out about the latest trends in the security industry, our webinar is the perfect occasion to find out more on how our new network cameras with AI engine offer exciting opportunities to tailor next generation AI applications around the specific needs of business customers.

AI in combination with powerful hardware allows changing the traditional security paradigm from reactive approach towards more a more open, proactive and flexible era.


When : 6th November @ 10:00am (-10:45am) CET

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Our new i-PRO X-Series of network security cameras with built in AI capabilities make them ideal for the next generation of intelligent applications in business and society. With its Software Development Kit, the camera range is designed for third party application development that can be tailored towards specific needs and requirements.

Applications can run directly on the cameras themselves, eliminating the need for additional servers for analytical calculations whilst maintaining the same high levels of accuracy. The benefits include lower total cost of ownership of security infrastructure, as well as faster processing and more immediate alarms, notifications or information from the applications.

A number of the deep AI applications can be used in the current pandemic to help manage social distancing, occupancy levels and the wearing of face masks. Applications can also be used by retailers to enhance the customer experience; in smart cities for traffic monitoring and smart parking; and by event organisers and transports hubs to monitor and ensure safety.