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For the third year, Örebro County Theater sets up a facade show at Örebro Theater as a way of creating visual art, accessible to all.

We know what we are going to get with Panasonic AV technology, which is total reliability. This is reassuring especially when we are organising large events.

Per-Arne Gerdin, Project Manager, Univentum

Date – Nov 2017
Client – Örebro länsteater
Location – Örebro, Sweden
Products Supplied – PT-RZ970, PT-DZ21K2

How to create a stunning projection mapping utilising just four projectors that lights up the building façade.


Combining two PT-DZ21K 20,000 lumens and two PT-RZ970 9,000 lumens laser light source projectors organisers were able to create a visually arresting display with vivid content created by Örebro Länsteater.

At the time it was built in 1852, Örebro länsteater was the largest theatre in Sweden. The history of the building makes a fascinating story to rival many of the productions it has hosted since.

A gas lighting accident completely destroyed the building in 1882. It took seven years to rebuild the theatre, complete with newly installed electrical lighting.

Today, the Örebro County Theater celebrates the history of the building and its contribution to the arts with a projection mapping facade show that engulfs the Örebro Theater's newly renovated facade in light. 

Running in 2017 for the third and final year, the facade shows were initiated as a way of creating visual art, accessible to all. For the 2017 show, the Theatre worked in collaboration with the Hungarian group Limelight Projection Mapping & Light Installation, which produces unique, 

celebrated facade art throughout the world. Having won the first prize at Imap 2016, they are renowned as one of the world's best video mapping artists. 

Held over three nights and 14 performances, ‘Scenkonster - a facade show up the walls!’ creates an open meeting place in the square in front of the theatre. Inspired by the conviction that people meeting is a prerequisite for change, the theatre presents a unique, creative work where counter poles meet and interact through art.

In order to deliver a suitably impressive visual show Univentum, together with Örebro Länsteater, specified two Panasonic PT-DZ21K, 20,000 lumens projectors.

The DZ21K has been an industry workhorse within the live events space since its introduction in 2012. These were double stacked and used to map the middle section of the building.

More unusually the two smaller side sections of the building were mapped using two PT-RZ970, a 10,000 lumens (centre) laser projection.

“We were satisfied that this worked as well as it did,” added Christoffer Fagerström, Product Manager, Special-Elektronik AB. “It was almost the same brightness despite the big difference in lumens.”

The content, a five minute mapping show, merges futuristic line art with nods to numerous famous plays.

“We know what we are going to get with Panasonic AV technology, which is total reliability. This is reassuring, especially when we are organising large events.

“For the mapping artists, this allows complete freedom to concentrate on being creative. The end results speak for themselves and the theatre was delighted with the success of the event,” added Per-Arne Gerdin, Project Manager, Univentum.



Watch the projection at Örebro County Theater