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Jumbo proclaimed safest store in the Netherlands thanks to face matching

Investing in security systems and a safe environment helps every supply chain to provide comfort and confidence to both, their customers as well as their employees.

The Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo Ten Brink Food has been investing in the security infrastructure including 80 Panasonic cameras in-store as well as the Panasonic face server, helping them to win the award “safest store in the Netherlands’, but also the business reputation in general.

Discover how you can use Jumbos case to improve and extant your security measures and provide a safe environment.

Jumbo strives to provide an enjoyable and safe shopping experience for both, customers as well as their own employees. See how thanks to our face matching server Jumbo has been proclaimed the safest store in the Netherlands.

Panasonic Facial Recognition Contributes To Store’s Retail Award

Jumbo Ten Brink Food introduced the face server into their store environment in March 2017 after discovering that almost 80% of shoplifting took place via large shopping bags.

If people are caught stealing, their image now remains on the database. The face server provides a real-time processing capacity of up to 20 cameras per server and can execute high-speed searches of up to 30,000 registered reference faces. With this improved accuracy, security protection is enhanced and the system allows matches even when images are 10 years old. If any incidents occur Jumbo works closely with the police service to allow them to react quickly.

You want to learn more about how you can improve and extant your security measurements to provide a safe environment for your clients and employers? Discover more about this topics in our Webcast on Facial Recognition System with Deep Learning Technology.

5 Tips from Ten Brink for a safe shopping environment

"I advise other entrepreneurs to invest in security," says Edwin Ten Brink- Founder of Jumbo Ten Brink Stores. “Safety provides comfort to the customer, and that is important.".

Increase shop safety with preventive measures like structural modifications (such as bio-metric finger scanning for access rights)

Provide a high-quality camera system with face recognition

Train employees regularly (e.g. in cooperation with a security company)

Make use of a closed payment system ensuring that the cashier can return cash to customers via the machine

Keep in close contact with the local police to allow them to react quickly